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Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
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RE: Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
(02-07-2019 11:20 AM)scotian Wrote:  I'm glad it happened then, I didn't really give a shit because I was focused on other girls who weren't as hot as her and more in my range. That experience and watching my friends who were taller and better looking than me get hotter girls taught me some valuable life lessons when it comes to chasing women; you have to know your limits, choose your targets well and have reasonable expectations. Rejection sucks and it happens to all of us at some point but you can limit your exposure to it and the shitty feeling that comes along with it by staying in your lane.

I guess this is what it boils down too, and is the reason for some peoples frustration.

I think some people have fully bought into the idea of 'game'. They think you can be a 4ft paraplegic with bad breath, but as long as you remember to neg a girl at the open, DHV a story about your model ex girlfriend and say something interesting, you can bang any girl you want.
This WAS the general belief back in the mysterymethod days (that game is all that mattered), but I think it's all moved on now.Easier to disprove now, for one! (there was no youtube back in 2000)

There's only a very few people now who still believe that 'game' is some sort of black magic.

When people start to think of game as simply making you more efficient at banging girls who are into you/your looks, or maybe even giving you an extra 'point' in terms of attractiveness, I think it becomes less frustrating.

I used to hate hearing people say ''If she rejects you, it means you weren't her type. Move on''. I'd think ''well what's the damn point in 'game' then??!!''. But now I kind of agree with it. You can't typically make a girl attracted to you. You can only increase EXISTING attraction!

You accept it. I know I have handsome friends whose results i could never get CLOSE too even if I had all of the best PUA's on earth guiding me through an earpiece. I know that i'm never gonna be banging models every night unless I pay for it! I know that most girls are basically as superficial as men, but how can I be angry at them about that considering i'm exactly the same or even worse!!? That would be hypocritical

I'm in a good headspace with game and stuff nowadays tbh. I still occassionally get a bruised ego when i'm out with my exceptionally handsome friends, but in general, i'm 'in my lane' as you say

ps - Another story about the same handsome friend mentioned in this thread in keeping with the other guys story about his friend.

My friend was parked outside a club at night as he had to pick something up. As he came back he realised he'd blocked some girl in with his truck. She walked towards him, initially to berate him for his bad parking. She was like ''Is that your truck!!?'' whist she was walking and my friend was like ''yep! Sorry!!'' and then as she got close her expression changed from angry to something else, and she was like ''Oh....er...wow. Yeah, you kinda blocked me in. You're hot! I didn't realise from over there!!'' and then she started asking him questions. She then made some sexual comment which he joked around with and then 30 seconds later, he took her to his truck and banged her in the back!! Staggering. That's an example of 'easy mode'. She was hot too, albeit a little older (I like young girls). He was like 26 and she was maybe 35

PPS - He's actually a short ass!, albeit very very handsome (since I notice we're talking about height now)
At 5' 10'' height is NOT your issue when it comes to looks, bro (OP)! That's fine. I wish I was that tall

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