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Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
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RE: Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
(02-07-2019 07:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  That an interesting perspective, and certainly inspiring. However, is it really anything to do with mentality or more so to do with physique? If we take some virgin with beta mindsets who's facially handsome who's like 6'4 and has been working out blasting tren for like a year, then place him in a club, he'll probably still get girls approaching him. And we can't really argue it has anything to do with his mindsets.

Nobody is saying that being taller than average, more handsome, and such isn't a factor but it's not the only factor like you seem to think it is.

You can absolutely argue that it has to do with his mindset. He has the mindset of a guy who has worked hard and made major gains in the physical strength and looks department and he's lived his adult life being tall so he expects to be treated well (many studies show that people attribute positive qualities to people who are tall). That is ALL part of his mindset. Some learned through accomplishment/earned (gym), and some luck (height/facial looks).

Having a shit mindset/complete lack of charisma will all but kill you as in the example I posted. Is the rest of it a large factor? Sure, but why focus on what you can't control?

(02-07-2019 07:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  I'm not going to lie, i made this thread hoping to maintain my inclination that the purple pill has at least some validity in regards to looks vs personality/game, when in reality the black pill has been proven correct. Women are incredibly superficial, and are extensively picky on who they represent that special sexual intent to, that the majority of guys won't ever even experience a fraction of.

Wrong. Women CAN be very superficial but as proven by the guys here who are short, not model-quality looks, but have banged/dated countless girls, they are far less superficial than your "black pill" conclusion. Hell, I personally just banged a girl with an incredible body who I pretty much handed to my friend who is better looking, jacked, and far more financially successful and she chose me over him despite all those things. It's because of game!

(02-07-2019 07:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  It's like, you have to be so particularly good looking, for them to throw out all those fronts they lie to society about out the window; "he only needs to be taller than me, i want a funny guy, i want a confident guy."

All of that shit becomes irrelevant when a guy is physically the cream of the crop.

No, they don't want a guy who's simply taller, they want a guy who is 6'2-6'5. No, they don't care how funny you are or intelligent you are, as much as they care about your physical dimensions.

No, no, and no. They may want all kinds of things but they will still bang/date guys that don't have those things.

(02-07-2019 07:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  Because, if they did care about those personality traits, they would rather be approaching guys who have a higher likelihood of exhibiting those traits, based on observing their behavior and style, when in reality they're only interested in approaching guys who are more likely to have a rippling 6 pack and big cock.

Why do you care about what women are interested in approaching? Are you so lazy you don't want to go out there and get what you want? It's easy to say "oh women are whores and just want a Chad," and what is actually a challenge is to say, "I'm going to toughen up and teach myself how to bang/date attractive women. I'm going to make myself better and earn something"

(02-07-2019 07:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  It is a total myth that women are not confident enough to approach men, lies. I don't think they take rejection as hard as us men want to delude ourselves into believing. Why would they? They have another option right after you reject them, might not be their first choice, but at least it's another warm body to hold onto at night.

Women take rejection very hard when they are really into a guy. It's still very rare that women approach. As others have said they usually will provide more IOIs to any guy they find very attractive.

Would you rather focus on the fact that attractive women have endless options or accept it and look positively on the fact that you can improve yourself drastically while women really can't.

(02-07-2019 07:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  I mean, i'm dedicated to the gym, and am going to be improving my looks substantially, but because i have like 3 facial flaws, and im only 5'10, ill never get that special intention, most likely. I mean, maybe things can change when im 8-10% bodyfat.

Just curious, what is your height?

Facial flaws in men are usually nowhere near as an affect as they are for women. In fact, scars and other rough things can be attractive to women where as for men they rarely are. You'll never get any significant attention with that attitude.

You're above average height and you're complaining about being short. Your mentality is the only thing really holding you back.

(02-07-2019 10:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  Okay, fair enough, i agree with you, i'm not going to quit just because good looking guys have to put in next to no effort.

It's not more of a matter of me wanting to give up, it's rather more of a matter of me resenting women for it.

The reason why I resent them for this behavior is because they're always lying about how a man's looks are down the list of importance for them, but then look how they behave around chad.

If women are going to act so dramatically different for chad vs a normal looking man, this actually proves that women actually care more about looks than men, or rather genetics.

Men, by large, are open minded to be sexually free and willing to both a 6 out of 10 to a 10 out of 10, assuming his options aren't overflown.

If women are so specific about what they truly find attractive, then that proves they think about it more, and have more refined tastes.

No dude, women are not all about looks. They've proven this that women get turned on by all kinds of things sexual whereas men are far more specific with what turns them on. It is easy to resent women for how they are but if you look at why they are that way then it starts to make sense and the world starts to become your oyster.

Hating women is a bad choice to make. It's letting yourself be controlled by your own fear and insecurities. Women are awesome. I love to flirt with them and game them and sometimes bang them. They are one of the best things in life, don't despair because the world you were sold isn't the world you live in. Realize that you can be Neo in the Matrix and allow yourself to gain the power of game, charisma, etc... and it will change your life!

(02-07-2019 10:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  It's a lot easier for a woman to hit that 9+ category through working out, cosmetics, and surgery. Usually just make up, working out, and dieting will get them to a 9, despite have far than less than ideal facial genetics.

Dead wrong. Women have FAR less ability to become a 9+ than a man can bring himself up. We men are SO fortunate in this regard. Men can age like wine, women age like milk.

(02-07-2019 10:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  Women, after all, tirelessly analyze their facial proportions trying to accentuate beautiful aspects of their face, whilst hiding the flaws. Pure manipulation. Women are red pilled about looks just by application, and they have learned through observing beauty standards of what makes a beautiful face, and attempt to replicate that via makeup. So, when they see the oh so very rare men fulfill the standards of beautiful proportions, their pussies gush.

Women's pussies gush for a guy that gets in their head. The one that knows how to flip all the right switches. The one that can pick them up and make them feel protected. It's not a specific height, big dick size, ripped 6-pack, or any particular thing. While they see us initially by looks, our attitude, our experience, our toughness, our friends, our accomplishments, bleed through and color their view.

Lucky for us!

(02-07-2019 10:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  Also, there's one consistent aspect to the top tier male's looks in this thread, is height. Men are tremendously more open minded about height than women. You could have a perfect face and physique, but if you're anywhere sub 5'7 or such, too bad you're genetic trash to them, and now you have to jump through retarded hoops just to get in their overrated pussies.

Women will pick height up on dating apps and such but in person they are far less height-variable and there are a lot of short chicks out there. So what that some want height. That's not what they necessarily end up only going for.

How do you know that their pussies are overrated especially since you don't seem to be having hardly any success? That's just a massive male hamster spinning away at warp speed on it's wheel.

(02-07-2019 10:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  It's this self righteous lie of being the less superficial sex, and being some victims to male superficiality that makes me sick to my stomach, because the behavioral evidence keeps showing the contrary.

Your attitude and weak bitterness is what turns girls stomachs instead of wetting their pussies.

(02-07-2019 10:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  It's not just stories like these ones on this thread that prove this deranged mentality they project, but a catfish account on tinder can prove this true as well.

It is enraging, and I don't really know how to cope with the anger without it leaking negatively into my game attempts.

Let it go! Don't dwell on what you can't change, it doesn't matter. Focus on what you can't change and work on improving yourself in areas that will make you happy and ultimately get you more of what you want out of life.

(02-07-2019 10:33 AM)aswifty Wrote:  People tell me sometimes that girls can probably sense my hatred for them when i speak to them, thus explain my low success rate, but the black pill in me just says, "5'10, 17% bodyfat, weak style sense, lack of dhvs, and reserved body language, ect."

I'm not the only man who admits this, but the truth about women is very negative, and once that truth is realized, it's very hard not to hate them for it, on biological and cultural level. I've been struggling with this for years... perhaps the red pills just hits some men too hard, and me being one of them. lol

The truth about women is negative only because you've been lied to and it sucks to find out. But the truth about women isn't negative. The truth about them is that it doesn't really take ALL that much to set yourself apart from the sea of men that want them but can't get them. You've spent years struggling and being bitter when you could've spent those years focusing on the gym, your health, your wealth, and enjoying all the women (or relationships if that's what you want) that can be had with improvements in your life and learning game/charisma.

Quit living in the past and start living in YOUR future.

EDIT: One more thing. I was not that attractive and was short in school but I had multiple girls into me then that I only learned about long after I was out of school. I was so clueless that I thought these girls didn't like me at all and even looked down on me. If you had told me then this fact I would've told you no fucking way, but this was the truth. I literally had one of these girls throw themselves at me when she told me about it otherwise I might not have believed her. I was blown away. This girl was mean to me and laughed at me with her friend back then. Maybe because I pretended I didn't care, who knows why, but it wasn't because I was a tall model because I certainly wasn't.

If you work on yourself and learn game, the world becomes a better place.

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