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Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
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RE: Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
(02-08-2019 03:34 PM)emilio123 Wrote:  
Quote:Wrong kind of thinking again.

Perhaps they think they don't have a chance with you, or would stare too long at you, etc Maybe that's why they don't look at you.

You literally have no idea until...wait for actually go up and talk to that woman at the gym, supermarket, school etc.

If a woman is not showing interest in you in some way or form then she is simply not interested in you or is not available sexually, for almost any man for that matter. This counts especially in bars, clubs, gyms, work, school, places where she gets the chance to evaluate men. Not simply passing by on the street because then she might not have noticed you.

You haven't opened your mouth, you haven't walked up to her, you have done a single thing to find out if your theory is true or not with the woman in front of you.

You're automatically assuming things in that head of yours without actually doing the work.

You're making excuses for thing you haven't even tried yet.

Quote:Physical attraction is predetermined in the first few seconds a woman sees you. an conveniently left that part out.

A perfect example is mediocre but funny guys pulling cuties. Once again when a guy opens his mouth all bets are off.

Quote:No, confidence was never about the woman, it's about YOU, noone else.

Confidence is self love and being happy with the man you've created out of yourself.

Confidence is NOT giving a fuck what a woman thinks and moves onto the next prospect.

Confidence is NOT just a byproduct of sucess, it's a MINDSET to begin with.

Definition of confidence: the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something.

Imagine a fat, bald, acne skinned male age 25 approaching women. Gets rejected constantly.

What is that going to do for his confidence?

In order to develop confidence you need validation and positive results.

Funny enough you once again conveniently leave another part of the definition of confidence

"a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities"

Once again blind to the truth.

That fat bald acne skinned man can IMPROVE his confidence.


Gym, diet, medicine, and his style.

Weird right? It's as if you improve yourself you'll get better results.

It's almost as if you work on YOURSELF first, before going out into the world.

I know, it must be a strange concept to a newbie like you.

Quote:I've seen rich dudes attract women and absolutely lose them when they open their mouths. Same goes for the Chads of the world who are tall and jacked but don't know how to talk to women.

Then those women were never attracted to them if they lost attraction when they started speaking. If a woman finds you physically attractive or she thinks you are a man of value (maybe can give her a good lifestyle etc), then all you have to do is not be a desperate fool which is very easy not to do.

You still don't understand, a woman isn't logical, just because she sees a well off man, doesn't mean her gina is gonna tingle automatically.

What if this woman is USED to rich men and an elite social circle, what if a rich chad is nothing out of the ordinary?

It's as if you need something else to help put you over the top or raise her eyebrows....I wonder what THAT could be. tard

Quote:Since you're a newbie I'll forgive you being so black pilled and a game denialist.

Stay awhile, read the forum, maybe there's a thing or two you'll actually learn.

I agree that the black pill is negative and defeatist but the sad truth is that these men are being sold false hope that game will help them.

Then why the hell are you here bitching about game not working and the world is really unfair?

This is a forum for men who want to improve their masculinity.

Take those blackpill thoughts elsewhere and go hang with the OP Ellliot Rodgers then.

Quote:Fact of the matter is that attraction cannot be taught. You cannot say a few words and make women attracted to you.

Attraction has almost nothing to do with the way you stand, position yourself, whatever. If you are just a normal well mannered man with a normal voice with a look that women find attractive, it is more than enough.

The 3 most important things women look for in a man is looks, money and status. A man has to work on these things himself.

More game denialisms, you're lost man.

You're still operating under the assumption women are logical when fucking a guy.

Attraction is definitely about looks and status but that's hardly a foundation.

"Game" is just more than women and so is attraction, but you're stuck in the dark overdosing on blackpills to see that.

You just just said a man has to work on looks, money, status - what do you think is the end RESULT of this?


This is just about ones self - this has nothing to even to do with women to being with.

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