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Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
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RE: Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
I generally agree that less attractive men would be better placed using social circle game than cold approach or online. Day game has very low ROI for nearly everyone in Western countries. Online game is almost entirely based on looks, has a terrible male:female ratio, and is full of time wasters and SIFs (it's still a great option if you're travelling outside the West though). Night game is widely regarded as dying (it probably is still worth it in a few cities that have a strong nightlife scene, or if you know how to dance).

But social circle game is not so simple. First you actually have to put yourself out there and find social circles with a decent number of attractive women. This is surprisingly challenging. You may find that the type of men that actually associate with attractive women are hard to get along with while the men who make more interesting friends are loners or only friends with other men.

Then even if you do end up in a social circle with decent prospects, without game you could end up just being a beta orbiter or, as a worst case scenario, the whipping boy of the group. Isolation is also a challenge. You will at the very least need good social skills to remain near the top of the group's hierarchy, and some level of game to avoid being a beta orbiter (though not a huge amount - just enough to flirt, isolate and escalate).

The best way forward for the ugly guy, in my view, is to learn basic game (what Roosh teaches is enough), maximise your looks, and find a good niche where you can build your status around something that interests you and which puts you around women (e.g. yoga, dancing, something music-related, photography, business networking, charities). Fully maximising your potential relative to your competition might entail expatriation.

Those are some fantastic insights, you should mail all that to an incel forum haha. In fact, if they took such approach but simply for intent of meeting ugly girls within such social circles, while utilizing game and some looks tweaks, they would get laid.

It is odd though that guys who hang out with a lot of hot girls are shitty human beings, and the coolest guys are totally detached from women. Maybe that's just my bias view.

I mean, lets be honest, the guys who happened to fall into social circles with a lot of hot girls usually have these three traits in common:

1: Come from a rich family (which is a reliable indicator of shitty person)
2: They play high level sports (jocks are totally up their own asses a lot of the time, and very cliquey)
3: Provide hard drugs and alcohol to the girls (probably an unstable human being, with fairly high likelihood of violent and/or belligerent tendencies)

Luckily for me, im not genetically unlucky in the looks department, actually above average, just not some chad god tier level where i can stand around as a non-lifter twink standing at 6'4 and be ruthlessly approached by females for my superior facial aesthetics and master race height, which im semi salty about clearly from my posts... but i should be grateful im a good looking guy anyway, even if im not a true chad :/ So, with that said, ima stay on that cold/warm stranger approaching .... and follow the teachings of the Great Roosh. Will be getting onto that Roosh Program soon.
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