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Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
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RE: Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?
Quote:Do sexy guys really get cold approached by random girls that often?

Yes. Thought it's a bit more than that. If you are just good-looking girls will approach you, but they will likely be -1 or -2; and I think you need to be a 7.5+, or about 1 in 10 younger guys. In my experience these girls are all pretty trashy. They have big mouths and few options. If they had something good in their life they wouldn't be sticking themselves out for likely rejection. Attention flows heavily from men to women. They're looking to trade up by trading their attention.

The only guy I have ever known who is dripping in female attention is my cousin. I don't think he's that good looking. Maybe a 7.5 tops. But his exceptional features are 20 years on the 'roids. He's big, but well proportioned. One time he walked in a room and some women said, "It's James Bond." He doesn't move like he trying to be the king of the jungle - he walks like the king of the jungle, because he gets a lot of attention and he's been with the types of women who every guy wants. And it's subtle. He doesn't parade into a room flexing his muscles and dramatically strutting around. That kind of behaviour suggests to women you need attention and they don't find that attractive. The way he moves is that he doesn't need your attention, because he already has so much.

So he has two things that make him exceptional that are communicated indirectly. This is where some women can't but help unleash their valuable attention. Either by their eyes or mouths.

On the muscle front. He is the archetypal male who throughout history women have wanted and men have wanted to be. It's not common, it's exceptional, so attention flows there. I've compared it to the noise walkie-talkies make. When you hear that noise your head will reactionally turn to look in the direction of the noise. When women see a real-life Hercules, they have the same involuntary move to give it their attention. Then you couple this with moving like you don't need women's attention. This communicates to women that you are someone who may be worth their attention - high status.

From what I've seen women are looking for a man who is validated. Some categories:

1) Muscle - validated by the Hercules archetype
2) Movement - validated by communicating you don't need attention
3) Male model good-looks - validated by your ancestors' mating choices
4) Fame / reputation / image - validated by society
5) Being introduced by a friend - validated by social circle
6) Speech - validated by communicating you don't need attention

The guys who have been mentioned in the thread will fall into one or more of these. If your close to them you will get some attention from girls you don't know. If you are just average, maybe a few times in your life by fatties.

When I am out with my friend he will sometimes say he saw a woman looking at me. But I rarely catch them. In terms of looks I'm above average, but not exceptional. Women may be drawn in to have a look, but I probably won't catch them. They're not going to waste their valuable attention on showing me my attention is more valuable then theirs. However, when I got noticeably muscular in 2017/18, I noticed more looks from women. Especially as there are virtually no exceptional guys where I live. And I also noticed that when I was out with my friend (who knows a lot of people) whenever a woman he knew came over to him they would often do the involuntary head-movement to check me out - the full scan, because I was in or close to the exceptional zone: muscle, looks and being introduced by a friend. During these days I moved differently and was much more confident.

This all peaked when I was in Russia last year. I'd just been out on a date with a conservative, Russia, -11 years, 8. She didn't speak English, but it went great. Then I walked about five miles home: looking good, muscular and well dressed. And I couldn't give a damn about any attention women might want to show me as I had enough to not care. As I walked with a smile on my face, with a gait of natural confidence that said I had something. Girls were making eye contact and as I neared my apartment two girls on a bus were going out of their way to keep gawping at me as it drove past. This continued while I was there. I joined a gym and was signed up by a spicy high-7. Three weeks later she took my card from me at the desk and asked me in English how I was doing in an excited way. About a month later a fairly decent married women from Murmansk asked me to fuck her via Google Translate. Since being injured it's all gone down hill.
02-10-2019 03:08 AM
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