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Youtube pedo algorithm discovered?
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RE: Youtube pedo algorithm discovered?
(02-18-2019 02:42 PM)Handsome Creepy Eel Wrote:  It's absolutely laughable to think that YouTube's legion of employees (not to mention God knows how many contractors) is unable to monitor all the content posted there, especially with the aid of its state-of-the-art algorithms and photo recognition.

Heck, even if you wanted to manually examine that one million new videos per day, you could easily set up a content monitoring center in Mumbai dedicated exclusively to this purpose, all at a negligible fraction of YouTube's income.

As an added bonus, you could call it "Project Irtilon".

I am sure you can provide some evidence that these "state-of-the-art-algorithms" can do what you think they can, right?

Wrong, they don't exist. The ones that do exist don't work particularly well. Asking an algorithm to correctly identify illicit video content without accidentally also banning tons of legitimate content simply isn't possible, or these platforms would gladly do it. It would cost an untenable amount of money to have moderators reviewing and manually approving everything. Hence, the nasty pedo content is a problem on nearly all online platforms. Bing got in trouble recently for this, so has Tumblr, and now YouTube is as well.

It costs money to monitor this kind of thing, and the only reason to make that investment is to protect the brand. Which is why companies wait until it becomes a publicly known problem, then have a clumsy over reaction.

I am not a fan of the censorship or abusive business practices of big tech. But acting like this is part of a secretive plot is absurd. It is the predictable result of internet perverts and incompetent platforms.
02-18-2019 02:54 PM
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