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Youtube pedo algorithm discovered?
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RE: Youtube pedo algorithm discovered?
(02-18-2019 03:17 PM)Handsome Creepy Eel Wrote:  I agree that it's probably not a deliberate plot, but to claim that it's impossible or couldn't be done with even the tiniest bit of effort is simply absurd.

It couldn't be done even if they wanted to, and this is just common sense.

Algorithms can barely identify what is even in still photos. You seriously think they can correctly analyze what is happening in a video, and further determine whether it is "obscene" or not? It would take near perfect AI to do this. AI cannot even get a car through a crowded parking lot consistently.

My girlfriend likes a YouTube channel where this charming girl, who is a super hot 19 year old, tries on bathing suits and talks about them. Totally legit, but zero chance an algorithm could distinguish it from something illegal. Same thing for call center tier Indians. Imagine content creators finding out they got flagged as illegal pornography because some guy in a call center clicked a button that said so, and they now have to appeal it. This is the sort of thing people get fired over, because it interferes with YouTube's core business model of letting anyone, anywhere, upload content at all times.
02-18-2019 03:36 PM
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