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Youtube pedo algorithm discovered?
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RE: Youtube pedo algorithm discovered?
(02-18-2019 10:41 AM)jeffreyjerpp Wrote:  Impossible to police, really. While I hate the leftists at big tech companies, even they are horrified by pedo scum and and don't want it associated with their platforms.

I wouldn't be so quick to say they are horrified, in fact I'm betting for many of the people there, they are actually turned on by both the sexual suggestions as well as the detrimental effect it has on society and the children themselves. These people are sick, and they have tons of cash and lawyers just as debased ready to defend them.

Remember it wasn't even six months ago that an 11 year old drag queen was featured on Good Morning America, a broadcast television dinosaur. Why would the perspective really be any different in the globo-homo tech mecca of Silicon Valley?

I'd be willing to bet that guy's video was demonetized over his swearing. If they can find the time to do that, you can be sure they could just as easily obliterate the suggestive pedo content he and others did them the favor of pointing out, yet they choose not to. One of those videos had well over a million views - it's all about the Benjamins, don't you know.

They even found a way to demonetize the crazy lady PETA supporter who shot up their headquarters for making far less controversial content. She was pissed that a nearly identical video from Miley Cyrus was not demonetized, but she got no answer from the unaccountable NPCs in cubicles. She had a lot of other mental problems, but that small part was a legit grievance - though even shooting them up didn't change anything.

One thing I found striking part way through was the bit where it showed the minimum age for creating a YouTube channel - the US was the lowest at 13. I did not see any other country listed that let the brainwashing start that early. It's almost as if YouTube (Google) knows damned well how important it is to start forming habits as early as possible.

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02-18-2019 06:29 PM
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