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Should Women Who Joined ISIS Be Allowed Back to the West?
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RE: Should Women Who Joined ISIS Be Allowed Back to the West?
(02-21-2019 07:25 AM)Kdog Wrote:  
(02-19-2019 11:02 AM)CleanSlate Wrote:  Allow them back in, but charge them with treason. Arrest them as soon as they get through passport control.

No way. Cancel their passports and leave them stateless. Fuck them, if they want to do something like that they do not deserve due process or any rights. Never let them back into the country again.

How do you know that's the case? Because the media reported on it? These are the same people who said Roosh was a rapist, and promoted rape, and said it should be legal on private property, full stop.

It's like when the US was holding suspected terrorists in Cuba with neither charges nor due process. "Well they're terrorists!" Then fucking charge them. Once that precedent has been set of secret courts, secret charges, secret laws, it's impossible to roll the clock back save revolution. Because what happens when they come for you? You apparently trust these people far more than me to the extent that at least some will not abuse these powers for personal gain.

This is a similar argument that any despot in the history of the world has made. "They're an enemy of the state. Why? Because I said so, I'm in power, and I have the guns. Line them up - and use clubs to save pricey bullets". This has been the case hundreds of times throughout history. Why do you think gov'ts all of a sudden have figured out how to use these powers judiciously? You need look no farther than the start of this century to see the sort of gross overreaches the patriot act resulted in. Not only did they make use of all their new found powers, but they legally over stepped them to any degree foreseeable with prism, and the biggest number of people caught in that drag net weren't true blue terrorists, but petty criminals, and other undesirables in their books. Hate to break it to you folks, but a good number of us register as 'undesirable' to others who would only all too happily suspend enshrined rights if it means they get to string you up. We're better than that.

It's amazing how on one hand people can applaud a $250m case brought against some of the biggest heads of the news media for "fake news", then on the other say 'they're so trustworthy that all due process and the concept of birth right citizenship should be usurped - depending on what they're saying, and who they're saying it about that is. "Tell me the result - then I'll tell you if I agree with the process or not" Come on. That's a child's argument.
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02-21-2019 08:33 AM
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