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Business Stay or not in a stable Job?
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Stay or not in a stable Job?
To cut the story short, I am brazilian and I work in the public service. I've passed in a test and they called me in. In this job, I cant be fired unless i Kill someone (Yes, its not easy to be fired in the public service here), so I am protected against bad economic mood in companies.

But there is a bad side: My wage only rises 3% a year, and to earn more than that its pretty hard. I earn enough to fullfil my monthly needs, but not to SAVE a sufficient amount of money in the end of the month (Basically nothing). With this job I am in my comfort zone, live near my parents and my friends.

But a Company also called me in past week to work in an area that meets what I am studying at university, and my wage would be a little bit higher, I would have to spend less on transportation and food and as a result I would save much more in the end of the month, plus chance to get a raise if I do a good job, thing that I cant have on public service. This Job is in another city, so I would live far from family and friends.

I am living a comfortable life, near people that I like, not going much good with woman because i am still in the beggining stage of game, but not saving enough money to trips etc and I have to rely on my parents for money sometimes, but I cant be fired, so I have job for good. If I change to that company, there is a chance of me being fired in the first month, wasting this permanent job, but there are the good things that I have said before.

What Would you do? This decision is killing my sleep for days. I am 22 YO.
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