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Shitlord hippie-boomer admins at University BAN Millenials from Netflix
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RE: Shitlord hippie-boomer admins at University BAN Millenials from Netflix
(03-19-2019 01:46 PM)Malone Wrote:  To be fair it has got to be an absolute bitch to provide enough bandwidth for several thousand dipshits streaming 1080p video all day.

When I used to work with millenials they'd leave HD youtube on in a window in the background playing music. We had a fast connection but that shit killed it.

Remember when folks downloaded music and didn't have to be connected to listen?

Anyways, it is such an incredible bitch providing the bandwidth that your typical residential ISP engages in all sorts of caching to put the content much closer to the consumer. Every residential ISP of size has several boxes in their racks which hold Netflix's entire catalog of the moment. Some network requests related to account management will make it all the way long the network Netflix, but the video itself streams from your consumer ISP's local network.

Google, Akamai, and all manner of other providers of bandwidth intense content will similarly get begged by your local ISP to pretty please rack some boxes holding their caches in their datacenters. Now Google's boxes won't be able to hold all of YouTube, but they will have the popular stuff. The only reason consumer internet connections are as cheap as they are is a very small percentage of bandwidth usage escapes the ISP's network.

On the other hand when you buy a big boy internet connection for a business or university you are buying a certain amount of dedicated bandwidth (some small business can get away with buying something similar to a consumer plan except with a fixed IP address). The full amount of the bandwidth is always available, and there are contracts in place allowing the enforcement of this and remedies for exception circumstances. This is in contrast to your consumer connection that only promises speeds "up to" the advertised.

Having this big chunk of bandwidth reserved all the time with upstream providers is expensive, and is a major driver of caching in the consumer sector. Aside from the pipe, the customer either brings everything else or contracts what they want off of a menu. Even IP addresses and domain name resolution are extras.

How expensive this is very location dependent. Even in the US and EU where there are plentiful backbone routes, streaming video gets expensive very quickly. This is why in the early days of Netflix streaming, every ISP bitched about Netflix data use and has since stopped bitching, Netflix stopped using massive cross network bandwidth. In Asia local bandwidth is incredibly cheap, but international connectivity costs dearly because they countries are wired well internally but they suffer a poverty of international connections. Prices in LATAM vary, but as a rule Pacific coastline and being landlocked are a recipe for awful international connectivity. Islands are just fucked.

As someone who shops big boy internet connections, if I was doing so for employees/students rather than paying customers... I'd nullroute Youtube and Netflix. Let their mobile data plan stream their Youtube music.
03-19-2019 02:57 PM
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