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Shitlord hippie-boomer admins at University BAN Millenials from Netflix
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RE: Shitlord hippie-boomer admins at University BAN Millenials from Netflix
(03-19-2019 02:32 PM)DannyAlberta Wrote:  I don't understand the economic mentality of borrowing six-figures to take a degree and then not actually paying attention in class. Also - something that I thought to myself when the admissions bribery/cheating scandal broke - shouldn't more of these students FAIL if they don't have the chops to get into an ivy school? Same with watching Netflix and Hulu in class. Shouldn't more people fail as a result?

Is failing still possible?

I am more and more convinced that the academy has to fail as an institution to save Western Civilization.

You bring up some good questions. Let's look at it from an incentive perspective: If you knew that putting in 100% more work would only get you perhaps 10% more success, would apply yourself thusly?

Also, unless you have some truly incredible professor or class that is helping you process information in a way that is inimitable, you can basically get this information yourself later.

Do students themselves even really want to go to college to learn something? No, they go because it's the only socially acceptable option for them, an easy way to temporarily gain independence when they are least emotionally prepared to be independent.

It's basically like giving a child a big pile of rare Mahogany and telling him to how he can now make beautiful furniture out of it. The child will most likely use that wood to make a bonfire, because they don't really grasp what it is they have and the value of it.

Colleges and Universities (in the US) go out of their way to make sure nobody fails out. If word gets out that students are getting kicked out before graduating, Parents and students will not risk the $200k tuition cost at that school.

Decades ago, and even today (to a lesser extent) in countries like Germany, going to University was a very sober decision that one made only when they had a clear path in mind of what their degree would do for them, and with real consequences for bad grades (and no grade inflation to boot).

I don't blame these kids really. They are just floating a long in another phase in life that has been prescribed to them, lacking all agency and sense of consequence. The system is a scam and they know it on a very gutteral level, so they just idly amuse themselves during class and focus on networking and other social opportunities to acheive their goals in life, whatever they may be.
03-19-2019 03:07 PM
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