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Shitlord hippie-boomer admins at University BAN Millenials from Netflix
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RE: Shitlord hippie-boomer admins at University BAN Millenials from Netflix
Quote:College is a scam. $2k for a some knowledge you can learn for free off youtube with a little discpline. I let my students know this.

(03-19-2019 10:13 PM)for.petes.sake Wrote:  University is one big ponzi scheme that people are forced to do because of a degree has now become the minimum requirement and stupid societal norms.

It's not just college. This problem of credentialism is much, much larger than college.

Credentialism is "belief in or reliance on academic or other formal qualifications as the best measure of a person's intelligence or ability to do a particular job."

The West is increasingly all about credentials, and less and less about wisdom from experience.

The workforce especially: you have all sorts of folks getting certified in some Human Resources Certificate, or becoming a certified Six Sigma Blackbelt, or becoming a certified Google Adwords Partner. But 80% of these certified people don't deserve to be certified. And it's a shame that in many cases they will be more highly regarded than someone who learned these same skills from the school of the "streets" and who really know their shit.

The problem of credentialism is far bigger than University alone. It's a plague and a ponzi scheme affecting the entire West.

Basically, Leonardo Da Vinci would have never gotten a job in today's world because although he was a natural genius he wouldn't be Adobe Photoshop Certified Big Grin

It's that bad.
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03-19-2019 10:32 PM
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