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Shitlord hippie-boomer admins at University BAN Millenials from Netflix
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RE: Shitlord hippie-boomer admins at University BAN Millenials from Netflix
(03-20-2019 03:39 PM)Atomic Wrote:  
(03-20-2019 10:55 AM)monster Wrote:  
(03-19-2019 10:34 PM)Atomic Wrote:  The whole class she was texting me as her orbiter friend was next to her.

That's f'd up.

It's just as disrespectful for a teacher to be texting the whole class as it is for students to be watching Netflix. Probably even more because the teacher is a role model of sorts.

I'd flip my sh!t if I had a professor texting the whole class.

I'm reasonably certain though that you're bluffing about being a teacher.

Hell I don't mind kids watching netflix. The only disrespectul thing is when I am talking/lecturing and I have to keep raising my voice because students are chatting away. I normally raise my voice once, and if they don't shut up I call them out. They can sit there and watch netflix, text, sleep, whatever, as long as they are quiet. Again, it's not my job to force knowledge down their throats. I am the watering hole, i'm not forcing them to drink. If they wanna pay $2k+ per class and fall asleep, that's on them.

I don't text in the middle of lectures. I assign the class practice problems/labs and I can text while they are doing them.

I am professor. But won't be for very much longer. The time sink is generally not worth vs the private sector. It's not just class time that you have to consider, its: grading (I don't have TAs), office hours, class preparation (normally only needed the first semester you teach a new class), random academic events, etc. The coeds are the only thing that keep me there.

I'll think about doing a mini-datasheet but the people it would apply to would be very small and the possibility of doxxing would be high. Plus looking at the google results for "college professor game", I'm sure a datasheet on that would appear on page 1 in no time. I don't mind writing something up but I will probably just share it privately with those that request

Atomic, first- thanks for sharing the info. Very eye opening, and somewhat inspiring should I ever become wealthy, single, and desire to change professions.

It's interesting to hear that the students want to keep the relationship (or bang) low key. But is that always the case? Women talk and gossip like there's no tomorrow. What happens when one of the girls demands your attention, or has some kind of dramatic flare up? Do you just have tight game to control that? Do you really have no girls at all that don't want something more from you?

Thanks again for sharing.
03-21-2019 01:35 PM
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