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Handling aging
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RE: Handling aging
(08-04-2019 12:01 PM)Vincent Chase Wrote:  Exercise - find some good workouts that could achieve the results you want or get a good personal trainer. Go to some classes such as pilates which is great for you and is full of girls bending over. If you're a overweight do more active classes such as body combat or spinning.

Work - find ways of getting out of the rat race it doesn't have to be this year but work on your side hussles to find something you can do for yourself without being a 30 year fucking cuck. At the same time move to a more relaxing role in your company if you can find one or elsewhere. Even in law and finance companies (middle and back office) you'd find teams which have more women who are just playing with their phone all day/just there as they prepare for their pregnancy. That's where you want to work. You want to get paid well to do as little as possible. Women worked it out since birth yet men are still cucking for sodomy. Good pay, low stress. Work on your own shit. Use your income wisely.For example look to buy some properties and rent out for some passive income. Working like a fucking dog for someone will very rarely actually get you anywhere and anyway it is what is on paper that counts. You move to another company after a few years make it look like fucking gold on paper. Stop being a fucking cuck.

Diet - there is a cuntload of information out there on acheiving what you need to achieve. There are no excuses. If not get a fucking dietician, even as a one time consultation. Stop eating fucking horsehit, as you will get older you will feel more like shit and look more like shit the more that you eat that sort of stuff.

Housing - find somewhere good to live. If you are a cuck, which you probably still are, find somewhere with a good commute to your 30 years of slavery job. Close to the city will work much better also for logistics for dates but of course has its downsides if you do want more space and is expensive.

Body regime - get Retin A and use it 2 or 3 times a week. If you are going bald get a cunting hair transplant. If you have glasses get fucking laser eye surgery. If you are a fat cunt spend your days at the gym until you aren't one. If you are ugly speak to a plastic surgeon or better just get some HA fillers to improve looks without having to destroy your face. If you have acne get chemical peel or non-ablasive laser. If you have wrinkles get ablasive laser. If you have bags until your eyes get some fillers. If you have have misaligned teeth get invisalign or braces. If your back posture is fucking terrible from being an office fucking cuck get a phisotherapist. If you have mental problems speak to a therapist (studies show they do sometimes help). If you have dandruff get nizoral. If you are stressed as fuck do some meditation and find the route cause of what is causing it and get the fuck out of there, take a holiday take some time to breath. If you are an alchoholic seek some fucking help and stop with the fucking drinking. If you are a smoker you are a fucking moron chew some fucking gum and see if it helps you avoid moron cancer. Avoid serious sun exposure and use sun cream. Avoid prostitutes you will become lazy and forever a paid customer. Avoid marriage, or at least do it on your own terms and avoid places such as UK where men get absolutely sodomised in family court at divorce. In effect take it a step further if you can and avoid the west and go live how once was and fuck off to eastern europe or south east asia and live like a king at least so it could be the dream.


Be a 30 year cuck for your fattening wife who is statistically likely to divorce you and take most of your stuff by age 40 anyway. You will have no time for yourself and you will end up with nothing.

Guess the choice is yours.

After reading all your message dear Vincent , I can say that you are part of the global problem and why our civilization is full of weak men.
08-08-2019 09:15 AM
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