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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(03-30-2019 12:29 PM)Disco_Volante Wrote:  I'd also add the past 10 years has had unprecedented quotas of women hired into corporate jobs and med school slots.

Limited jobs, limited spots in medical schools / dental school/ PA school / etc.... every spot given to a woman is knocking a young man out of the game.
I've heard the big four CPA accounting firms are big on hiring young women, as their process is mostly automated with software anyways. In the oilfield women are untouchable and get promoted quickly. They are repulsed by men who make less money than them, or have less prestige. Their minds can't handle it so they don't date. I don't think most men under 35 even have much money.
Corporations are giving women favored access to cash flow streams men invented / created.

They're basically confiscating everything man created, mandating it be given to them unearned.

I tried explaining to my GP friend that women are the major recepients of affirmative action. I calmly explained to him how it could be possible that 50-55% of the med school class can be women in every western nation? He replies that women are just as smart and capable as men and there's no affirmative action for women happening. I calmly explain to him that 80% of STEM are men. That most STEM students want to go to med school. How is it possible that women are half the class with these numbers? He counters by saying women don't have to be STEM to go to med school. But then I counter again by saying you cannot avoid taking the STEM prerequisites and scoring high on the MCAT which has a lot of science. He didn't say he was convinced but he became quiet which is sign of cognitive dissonance. He himself is a ethnic minority born in Canada and had to go to med school abroad to get into med school, a victim of the system defending the very system that systematically discriminates against him in both gender and ethnicity.
03-30-2019 06:37 PM
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