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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
The male part of whatever species, have always had to strive in order to reproduce. It`s just a random consequence of the binary gender dynamic. One part (the female) of the two part symbiosis that is the primordial germ line replication strategy of gendered species, just by chance happens to control the access to reproduction. (the uterus) It just evolved that way. Gender allows for less of a blind selection, and also forces us to mix our genes. That mutation, which seems to have occurred in a wormlike form about 1.2 billion years ago, must have been a huge advantage over other species not possessing the same adaptation. Gender has been a huge success in other words.

Observe what happens in many other species, and you will see the same dynamic everywhere in the animal kingdom. Deer banging their antlers together, male sealions fighting each other ferociously etc. In hippos its`s calculated that only one in ten males succeed in mating. In some species it`s even more skewed towards the female than that. In fact there was a period, between 8-4k years ago, correlated with the adaptation to agriculture/farming, where it`s calculated that the reproduction rate was as skewed as only 1 in every 17 men mating on average! There`s also a hint there btw, as to just how destructive the adaptation towards agriculture really was for human health. (stature dropped significantly, fertility plummeted, massive disease etc.) Probably very few viable men where left to reproduce with.

Two important points need to be made on this subject in general;

-First of, the human male reproductive success (how many men that reproduce as opposed to females) is in an historical context quite high at the moment. It`s also very high if we compare to other species. We have to keep in mind that the gender dynamic of the post war years in particular, was in the context of our entire hominid past extremely uncharacteristic. Of the 300k+ years we have existed in something similar to our present form, it was never the case that men as a group was a successful mating as in the post war era. (1945-65sih) It`s important to remember this I think when dealing with this subject.

- Secondly, sexual selection goes both ways yes, but for the reasons I have described above, which are again mainly random consequences of our evolutionary past, it`s skewed much more towards the female doing the selecting. It is for this very precise reason that men are stronger, faster, smarter, (in most contexts) funnier (a male only trait) more creative than women etc.

So in a sense we should be happy it has played out this way. It also explains what feminism is really doing with women. It betrays them of the only real and significant advantage they have, namely their youthful and attractive soma. It fools them into wasting it, and with it their chances of spawning healthy and strong offspring, in order to pursue the impossible dream of attaining what men have. All the while, so many men wish they had what women have when their young, ubiquitous access to sex. It`s quite absurd when you think about it! I`m forced to conclude that women as a group are in fact better than men, since they are objectively more successful in fulfilling the biological imperative of passing on their genes. But what they can never have, and which drive them crazy, is the status, power, skill and success as they elites of men. The true kings of this world!

We will stomp to the top with the wind in our teeth.

George L. Mallory
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