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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(03-30-2019 10:57 PM)Sgt Donger Wrote:  Maybe someone could overlay these charts with the charts about rising obesity levels in females.

Seems we're looking at 1% per year becoming stone-cold fatties.

[Image: 640px-Adult_female_obesity_in_the_United_States.svg.png]


We have a lot of these posts with hard data and we can feel the change in life around us. Most of us know 90% of what will be posted here.

Some guys point out the need to adapt, and they're right, and we know 90% of what they will say.

We also know what's going on. You could say a lot here, but the main theme is something like - there is an attempt to re-engineer society against any vector that is largely seen as desirable - to change the flow of things all people really value towards certain people who can't get them through non-coercive means. And it's not Joe Sixpack or Tyrone Jackson that have been getting the spoils. It's more towards awkward freaks; soy daddies and fat dykes from upper-middle-class backgrounds. Those are the beneficiaries of the new affirmative action they pretend is for the worst off. Plenty of others ride this game for the spoils. But in their attempt to upend the natural order, their systems are creating a bigger bottom and smaller top. This movement makes out certain superficial things don't matter - like body weight, money, skin colour and so on - it's only why their movement is all about those things - it's what matters most to them. It's driven by their desire to hide what they desire, how low they are in those areas and hope they can get spoils by saying things they don't really believe. Those body positivity zealots are still batting off to women with $100K in surgery. WhaleTube is fringe, but the idea you are a bigot if you don't pretend to like WhaleTube isn't.

There's many reasons for this, but a big part of it is SMV, as outlined by Johnnyvee. The main push for this is not from politics (yet), but from silicon valley and academia, from where it will spread out further. Despite their money and sometimes prominence these are the two groups that women don't want to fuck, ever. And despite their low-T, soy faces, they're very, very pissed off.

This movement is, in short, an attempt to create an environment where we are robbed, pushed out and increasingly told we are not allowed to even be present. It doesn't matter it's not really working for the growing horde of freaks. Those idiots have kerplunked their own asses with alimony payments to the first post-wall women who conspires to get them to raise someone else's kids.

It's been said on the board now and then in various terms - there is need for a on the ground men's group. Something that takes in men and puts them on the path to being men with a financial future, opportunities with women, fit & presentable and everything else; something they belong to and will provide them with some meaning for their life. And also with rules, like: no fap, no porn, no fatties...

I don't know how that could begin rolling though. It requires a willing and appropriate leader Huh
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