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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
Every now and then I run into a discussion on a study like this and guys talk about how much the market is fucked. I read a few things on this thread that need to be addressed though because I think it is a bunch of nonsense.

1. The older guy and hot young girl thing is not as common as you think, most young attractive women in the western world are hooking up with younger guys, often exclusively.

You might see those hipster Millennial guys with a beard as pussies but a lot of attractive young women dig that. Most younger women who are well to do or come from well-off families are usually dating younger guys around their age and almost exclusively hooking up with them. In fact, majority of the times these girls would not want anything to do with an older guy and get creeped out when one approaches them. Decent looking younger guys who are socially adjusted are able to get girls around their age, usually through social circle game. Good looking younger guys have their options with younger good looking women as well and will always win out over older guys.

Now this is not to say that a guy above 30 can't get a hot 22 year old, there are hot young women who are open to dating older men. Most of the times though, I find that she is usually not doing well financially or more of an outcast socially compared to the 22 year old hottie with a big social circle who cares about her reputation. The vast majority of good looking younger women I have known have dated or exclusively been with guys around their age.

2. The kinds of Americans who were having sex at a young age decades ago are still having sex in this day and age, Chad and Stacy are still fucking!

The upper middle class spoiled white kids who were fucking in college are still fucking now. One other explanation for the statistics could be due to the fact that we are getting more immigrants from repressed cultures, a white guy from a laid back family is going to have a way different experience than some Asian immigrant with helicopter parents. The people who were fucking and getting laid decades ago are doing the same now, you just have others from more repressed cultures who are not as big on hookup culture and are more focused on building a family life or a nice future for themselves. That skews the statistics a little bit.

There is no sky falling men going extinct nonsense, the guys who have done fine are doing fine. Most socially aware guys are on social media and are assimilated with modern times, it is the guys who are more social outcasts (which I was for a while myself) that are struggling but that's their fault.

3. It is actually real fucking easy to get laid these days with decent looking women, even through online dating.

I use high quality pics done by an editorial photgrapher (thank you BlurredSevens for the suggestion and posting the best thread ever on here), every week I have a date lined up and it does help that I live in a world class city. I am also a minority so to hell with the whole "only white guys can get laid on online dating" nonsense. Maybe it is because I am in a major city but these days, I feel like getting laid is rarely as much of a concern for me, it is more on developing a social life which is for another story. When it comes to game, I feel spoiled by dating apps, and have to almost force myself to approach a woman because I don't really see as much of a need for it. No settling for fatties on dating apps for me, can get dates with relatively above average looking and fit women every week and quite a few guys I know out there can do the same.

If you are a decent enough looking guy who can present himself well and have an ounce of game, go to a major city and you can fuck a decent looking girl every week. No one says you have to rot yourself away in boring suburbia or flyover country where every other girl is a whale, if it matter so much for you then go get it.

4. Most men in general suck.

Most men are hardcore white knights.

Most men are happy with average.

Most men do not see the need to go after greatness.

Most men do not want the sexually active life, they are happy being shut-ins.

Most men do not want to pour their soul into a life purpose or work hard in life, they want the cozy comfortable lifestyle.

Most men will tear down and scheme to sabotage great men that are doing well in life.

Most men are losers who want to drown in their misery and destroy the men who want to achieve greatness.

For the longest of times, I wanted a "social life" and I wanted guys who I could call "friends", I still do. Yet, whenever men saw me doing well with women and having the success I had, we were not friends anymore as they saw me as the guy who was obsessed with pussy, immoral, or wrong for wanting to sleep around with a lot of women. Most men do not want to push each other to greatness or success, especially not with women.

I have slowly learned that as soon as you go on this sexually active path as a man, be prepared to lose the opportunity of friendship with other men who will usually seethe in envy at your success with women. Most men want you to have your 40 hr a week job, drown yourself in beers as you watch sports, and bitch and moan about how miserable life is. It slowly starts to make sense to me why so many players after a certain age do not have any guy friends, who in their right mind would want to be around those that envy them?

We'd be better off as a society if there were 50% less men around, that's just the honest truth.
04-06-2019 08:32 PM
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