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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High

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I don't have a chart for men, but this 500 swipe data chart from the point of view of a reasonably attractive, young woman is on point. Basically she went on dates with 6 guys from 80 matches, and made click with 3. Notably, the woman ranked guys on the experience factor, not sexual factor: good dates, bad matches, etc. She seemed down to earth.

As you can see, for young and/or attractive women, sex is such a foregone conclusion that they just take it like going for sushi. One day they wake up horny, and they can be with one or five guys in a week, depending on her hormonal drive.

As for relationship game, for young and/or attractive women, a relationship with a guy that fulfills their current checklist is technically a certainty, due to the amount an relative quality of the higher betas and alphas in the sexual market. That they just elect to be single or to rationalize excuses to not be in a relationship with guy number XX. option of the year, is another story.

A chart for men would be 90% swipe right, and about a 2% success rate (sex), assuming the guy is at least a 7 if not an 8 on the sexual marketplace. It is basically a lottery for the attractive guys even, as you need to be at the precise week of the month, she wanting sex with a guy with xx. check-boxes, etc.

I don't really see guys that are 5 and below in the sexual marketplace being able to have sex naturally anymore. Guys who are 6 may get one bang per year with a fat lady.

As some posters have indicated, minorities and guys who are even a 5 can get laid with editorially curated photography, excellent clothing, personal style done by a personal branding manager, etc. This assumes that the guy has the disposable income to pay for it, and balls, of course.
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