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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(04-07-2019 02:09 PM)for.petes.sake Wrote:  I would love to see a similar study done on India. India is heading towards a demographic crisis because of the huge imbalance in gender ratio.

It is the first time in history we have seen a nation (including china) with so much more men than women. Sex crimes and harassment have become a common day occurrence in the daily life of an Indian. I saw a documentary on whole crisis and widened my eyes with what is going on there. The documentary even showed a 36 year old man cry because he had never had a girlfriend. I believe that in the future we will have major war just only fueled by sexual frustration. But what also intrigued me is how long this problem has has been going on for and how long it has been known by the general population. Basically the general population has known about the problems of gender selective abortion since 2001 (even the most rural areas got tallies on their medical wards to keep count of the ratio). Completely getting rid of ultrasound will not fix the problem. The documentary showed how the majority in rural areas just kill their daughter after birth because they can’t afford abortions. All this madness is done just to avoid paying dowry and raising a daughter. This info reminded me what a fellow forum member (Leonard D Neubache) said:
“A principle.

It's a foreign concept to them that a braindead, inbred literal retard from Pakistan sees no duality in stealing from others while bemoaning any theft of his own property, much the same as a dog will steal bones from other dogs and then viciously defend his own pile of bones as if he had the mandate of heaven behind him.”
Basically in India they want a son to get a dowry payment and to look after them. However if a daughter is shown on the monitor then abort it because who needs one. Never mind that life is supposed to random and for future generations we need a good ratio. But screw everyone else, I do not want to pay dowry or raise a daughter.

Also I feel like this problem is coming to the West to. I graduated from high school in Brampton in 2011 and my school was 99 percent Punjabi. We had 2 guys for every girl (I am not making this up I actually counted my yearbook). Now I have come back to Toronto from the States and I am realizing a lot of these problems and why they exist.

Honestly I have been given a better insight on even the IRT problems that persist on the forum. Basically Indian guy moves to the West and he is filled with so much sexual frustration. He has been raised by a mother who basically does everything for him and continually praises him. He watches Bollywood and learns all the beta behaviors such as completely stalking a girl. But he also watches Hollywood movies and see guys like Tom Cruise easily picking up on women on film and thinks it will be easy for him too (his mom has been calling him handsome everyday of his life). Then reality hits him in the West and he doesn’t know what else to do with his pent up frustrations. I am South Asian too so I am not trying to make a race debate but trying to delve deeper into the culture problems there. I am hoping for a major cultural shift.

When there are too many males and not enough females, biology has a simple answer: war.

Odds of a war in the next 20 years, to kill off 50-100 million surplus men? 99%
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