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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
I do business in the criminal defense area of law (though, IANAL). I'm in my '20s and as best I can see it, there is a reason why guys are not having sex, in addition to the ones mentioned here: legal liability. If you're able to get over and game all the shit tests, you're still stuck with this reality: your chances of being falsely accused are very high if you have sex on campus (where most young students reside). Ok, no problem, right? just don't have sex on campus? well, there are cases where school policies extend to OFF campus - yes and even then, how many college freshman have a bottomless wallet to foot the legal bills to defend themselves? not many, if any.

The other thing, millennial women have been conditioned by society to believe consensual sex after two beers is rape. There is a difference, as anyone would know between being blacked out and being horny after a few beers - but this is lost on most of the cohort of a generation raised on anthems like, "you go girl!", "girl power" and "consent means consent - at every step of the way." College is not a place to get laid anymore, not if you value your legal health - the risk is too high.

America could stand to decriminalize prostitution, I think that would be a step in the right direction if for nothing more than to decrease the artificially high value of average women who are overvalued by our rather puritanical social norms and forms of consent. I think we'll end up legalizing prostitution eventually, because a contract is the most explicit and detailed form of consent you can engage in - either that or the progressive and feminist left will end up brining America into a new sexually oppressive form of Victorianism (something I'm already seeing).

I would rather spend the $300 round trip to fly into MX City and bang hookers than put up with any American woman in a post metoo America, the risk is too much and not worth it. Sure, you find exceptions, but that's just it - most guys are not exceptional and we have to move heaven and earth just to even get overvalued, second-hand pussy that might ruin us - thanks but no thanks. As for the dudes who are 30 and 40 something, sure, you can 'play' these women to your advantage, but what happens when one of them goes rogue on you? do you want to waste your savings, reputation and possibly what you have in retirement defending against a frivolous claim? I'm of the opinion if every man from Chad an onward just flat out said 'NO' to these women, sex might become easier for the average guy again. It's disgusting previous generations did not face such high standards and odds.
04-10-2019 09:43 AM
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