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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
Nobody should hope for death but it's indisputable that our utter degeneracy is a product of our utter excess and comfort.

Western women are fat, shallow, picky cunts because they can afford to be. They become single mothers simply because we have the largesse to pay them for it. They don't have to choose between food/shelter/protection and getting back on the cock carousel. They can have both and they know it.

Having spent a decade considering what system of society would allow both largesse and social order to exist in harmony I have failed over and over again and personally I've gotten to the point where I've accepted that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. We might have learned this from the Romans but we didn't. Instead we flee to third world countries to find women that are "right in the head" when in reality it's the third world conditions that have made them so. Bring them back and the forgetful ones quickly become just the same as the women we rejected at home.

A return to struggle is not a pleasant concept but it's preferable and simply inevitable. This insanity cannot last forever, so the only question that remains is when and how we choose to approach the collapse.

God demands of Man responsibility. God demands of Woman vulnerability. These are their curse and blessing alike. Libertianism is to Man as Feminism is to Woman.
04-19-2019 04:22 AM
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