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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(04-19-2019 07:26 AM)AntoniusofEfa Wrote:  Could it be that some of you guys are living in cities with unfavourable female to male ratios? I live in such a place, and I know that finding quality women is much easier elsewhere.

I did a data-analysis of sex-breakdown by county in the US - might publish the results at some point - but what it boils down to is that there are no places with good sex-ratios, only places with bad sex-ratios. Just another case of men being the extreme/experimental sex. In California the numbers vary from 0.557 Women/Men (Lassen county - federal prison) to 1.076 (Madera county), with the majority fluctuating 0.92 and 1.05. The same goes for the rest of the nation, though I only eyeballed the map. Wherever you go, you'll find areas that are heavily male-dominated, 2 men for every women, due to prison, oil patch work, or something else of that nature, but there's no equivalent female-haven. Women are spread out evenly over all the other places.

I'll see if I can find the data for young women in particular, but I doubt there will be any substantial outliers; women just don't form outlier groups in general.


I sent the following two texts to the same girl; take a guess which one got an immediate response?

>Look what I got; [image of wine glasses attached] now you don't have to drink wine out of whiskey glasses when you're over.

>I need to smash some democrat pussy.

I'm with you, ThriceLazarus; I just don't have it in me to sustain the level of cruelty that these women desire.


Owen Benjamin had a theory about the men with small hats: that one of the big problems with their culture is that so few of them build anything. The sort of man, he argues, who helped his dad build something - who got his hands dirty, accomplishing real work where you can see the results - doesn't become the sort of nasty little manipulators that dominate our media and banking industries.

Could it be the same thing with women? How many women have got their hands dirty doing real work? No, babe, I'm not talking about your six-figure salary running an IT department (something I'd otherwise respect, if the 'democrat pussy' line didn't work better than kindness); I'm talking about things like canning pickles, cooking from scratch, tending to an ill loved one. How many of them can even keep their apartments clean?

When a man doesn't work he becomes less of a man. He develops odd mental illnesses and resentments against the world for giving him such a cushy life. I wonder if it's the same thing with women - none of them are performing the function that God laid out for them, and so they've become resentful and self-destructive, while surrounded by comforts and luxury.

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