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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(04-19-2019 08:40 AM)Aurini Wrote:  When a man doesn't work he becomes less of a man. He develops odd mental illnesses and resentments against the world for giving him such a cushy life. I wonder if it's the same thing with women - none of them are performing the function that God laid out for them, and so they've become resentful and self-destructive, while surrounded by comforts and luxury.

This is fascinating. It describes me exactly; I make six figures in a major city and work maybe 20 hours a week since I learned how to do my job very well and work remotely. I hate not being able to be productive. And this is for a major engineering company. I actually envy those people who work 50 hours a week and have a career trajectory.

Quote:The boxer put it simply when I asked him for advice on this specific topic.

He flashed that grin of his, decidedly predatorial. “Let them know that the social contract can be broken. At any time.”

What does this mean, exactly? If it means what I think it does (that you can literally physically abuse a women if she acts out and that she should realize that not every man will obey the law).. that's exactly what I believe.

It fascinates me that people, especially women, dare to behave in such a disrespectful way, because they believe they are protected by society/law. My thought is, the law can't prevent a man from physically abusing a woman on a whim.. and women don't seem to understand that.

Am I correct in my interpretation?
04-19-2019 09:55 AM
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