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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(04-19-2019 11:40 AM)Aurini Wrote:  
(04-19-2019 10:22 AM)ThriceLazarus Wrote:  @TugOfPeace

Exactly. When push comes to shove, a Man will win. Not your run of the mill pajama-boy, but just 6 months of a well done strength training program sets you stronger than most of the world’s women.

That’s why RSD’s rediculous kino works so well. Not because you’re fun and wacky, woo! You show them that you can easily pick them up, move them, pin them down. Subcomunicated sexual violence. If you dare to damn the consequences, there’s nothing she can really do to stop you. Basic biology my Brother.

Thank God we’re more civilized. For now.

He’s an alpha-widow-maker. He posseses perfectly blended playful-sadism. Just the other day his lady got a little lippy. He palmed her face with a laugh and gently moved her - her whole body. She baked him some kind of cake the next day.

Whatmore, they don't really believe that it can happen to them. That the police will be there to intervene in time. They're no different than those idiots dying while taking selfies, or playing around with wild animals. It used to be the trashy girls who would try and shit-test their men to the point of violence. Now you've got the upper class women doing it to.

Being around these women does not make me a better person.

Take them hiking during a full moon "as a laugh".

When a woman gets out to where she can't hear that dog-pitch electric whine of civilisation and she knows there's not another living soul within screaming distance she becomes a different girl, instantly.

God demands of Man responsibility. God demands of Woman vulnerability. These are their curse and blessing alike. Libertianism is to Man as Feminism is to Woman.
04-19-2019 12:10 PM
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