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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(04-20-2019 06:30 AM)Rorogue Wrote:  
(04-19-2019 11:40 AM)Aurini Wrote:  Being around these women does not make me a better person.

I am a deep thinker and someone who seeks truth.
I try to go out and create intimacy, closeness and connection with these women.

I am met with hollow eyes, a vapid conversation, and a sense of childish consumerism.

The attitude is like "you don't stimulate me as much as the last guy with your looks or a hyper aggressive personality? Fuck off, I have no time for you. You are unlovable and of no use". Meanwhile they are no more than a 5-6/10 making $10 an hour at a bakery.

As a man on a journey for truth, who once dreamed of being a Don Juan, a lover of beauty and the feminine spirit, I realize there's no truth or depth to seek in these women.

I have turned to novels and fiction writing. Instead of worrying about my lay count, I will think of how many novels I can read in a week/month/year. They connect me to a human truth that the women and this environment don't.

It's a sad time when you feel like you can't connect with the people around you, that there's nothing to explore there.

When you're a genuine great mind & the vast majority of chicks are small minded or average minded; you'll probably never feel that you really connect.
Even the few chicks that can skirt 'great mind' status are still too easily influenced by small mindedness or PC politics.

Then if you're of a 'Super Sane' type mind..., you'd best simply accept that you'll never truly be appreciated or understood by small-minded chicks...
04-21-2019 05:40 PM
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