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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(03-30-2019 06:50 PM)Heuristics Wrote:  
(03-30-2019 03:29 PM)Atlanta Man Wrote:  I have noticed that many young girls that I bang tend to talk down about their male peers-women 18-28 just have no respect for young men.

Yes, many are downright hostile. Media plays a part in pushing anti-male tropes, as well as feminism. Combine with endless validation and boosted egos women get from social media you have really bad narcissism coming from women and lack of empathy. View it from their perspective though, men are doing the worst ever compared to women, so women are thus calling the shots now more than ever.

As I've said before it starts in education and by the time a man makes it to college he's already at a statistical disadvantage... Much less the workforce with affirmative action policies (not needed for women) and gynocentric HR departments. Not to mention managers prefer women doing these mindless clerical/ deskjobs to men, and when it comes to service jobs, again, they prefer women.

Quote:t is so easy to check out as a young male-the video games , porn, and weed can easily take you out of the game. Video games for men are like Instagram for women- First person shooters involve teamwork, and if you become competent and rank up you become respected by other good players, and you will take the goal of winning seriously-it hijacks your natural male instincts to perform well at a task and work with a team. Instagram "likes" hijack a woman's need for validation, her need to be desired, and her need for attention.

I have a unique perspective here, I stopped gaming at age 14. I pick up a game if I'm with a friend who games, but that's it. I was very high achiving at that age, so it was fortunate I stopped. Meanwhile many of my average and above average friends went down the rabbit hole of gaming, which came to define both their future career academic prospects and their social lives. On both counts, gaming was seriously damaging to them. The worst thing you can have is a young adolescent male who is not properly socialized (not going to parties or having a GF b/c of video games), and is going nowhere in his life (because he is blowing off high school and college), because he decided to drift right around the age of 18. Games are damning to men, channeling their urges to win, feel part of a team, etc. into an outlet that yields almost 0 for them. It is hard to moderate your screentime once you start, thus it is very addictive, just like social media or porn.
I once had to direct an old black lady in an IT job. She had no idea what she was doing, but she was a trifecta of diversity so she was untouchable. At that moment I knew that affirmative action did not end in university.
04-22-2019 09:26 PM
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