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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(04-22-2019 11:06 PM)a mans life Wrote:  I can relate to this thread because I am in the new generation (21 years old). I have a comfortable life with everything paid for (gas, college, food), and am living at home. Not to complain, but it is tough to force yourself to do hard stuff when it is not required of you and your siblings. Once I finish school (2 more years) I'm going to move out immediately and then I will be forced to struggle. I haven't developed much confidence, and it's easy to revert back to comfort. When I move out I am going to not receive any financial support from my parents, I want to finally struggle and develop a sense of worth. Incels are probably people like me, middle class average looking guys who are not forced to grow up. There is just endless video games, porn, sugary foods, etc... and not much of a push on you to improve besides just sending you to college. I watched a coach red pill video and he basically said just walk out the door and then you don't have to force yourself to develop character, it comes from making it in life on your own. I realize my parents are doing what they think is best, and ultimately it is my responsibility fix my life. This is just my thought on the decline in young men in America, too much comfort and too little expectations.

I suspect that it's not just struggle but also the capacity to meet the challenges of the struggle. A guy without too many skills working a minimum wage service job is going to struggle to make rent and to attract women. I've met people who for whatever reason were still living like that in their 30s/40s, and they're some of the least confident people I've ever met.

To build confidence, the struggle must pose a challenge but not enough that it can't be overcome. There's an optimum level of challenge which encourages action and builds confidence, too great or too low can damage your confidence.

Similarly, a lot of these incels weren't necessarily people who never faced a challenge but never able to overcome them. For instance when I visited relatives over the long weekend, there was talk of a lot of bullying going on in schools, far more than I can remember. It's difficult to imagine a kid getting picked on from ages 6-12, and being able to attract girls in high school from ages 13-17.
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