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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(04-24-2019 08:50 AM)keusi12 Wrote:  This statistic doesn't surprise me at all.

I finished HS about 2 years ago in an EE country (supposedly a pussy paradise) and I'm willing to bet my right arm that at least half the guys in my classmates finished it as virgins, this was in a 22 males - 2 females class. Quite a big chunk of them were downright too ugly and too socially unadjusted for modern girls to find them attractive, they would of course mostly cope with gaming and other forms of entertainment.

A quick glance over their barely active social medias tells me that things haven't gotten better for them and they still have the same SMV as they did in HS, if not worse.

I befriended the "players" and still regularly go out with them but things aren't looking too great here either. Going from HS to Uni has left them with smaller social circles and quite a few of them have fallen from grace. The guy that used to be the best looking is now borderline obese, the outgoing confident player who went through like 5+ GFs has become a skinnyfat mess, the pretty boy never grew in height and stayed 5'8.

For some incomprehensible reason they don't seem to care enough to better themselves. After I started going to the gym regularly some of them joined me but they didn't have the discipline to go through even 1 month so now I just go by myself. Fucking hot girls doesn't seem to be a priority either, despite them being obviously horny young dudes. Whenever we "go out" they insist that it's just our closed social circle that's literally only males and in secluded places. Some of them have gotten post-hs GFs but they are all average looking at best, with one of my friends literally admitting to me that he doesn't even find his GF sexually attractive but isn't sure about breaking up with her because she has a "nice" personality (this is the one who went through like 5 girls in HS).

The one friend who still tries, who I've always found to be decent looking and outgoing, said that girls simply don't like him and approaching just results in rejections. My advice to him was to buff up, being skinny might work in HS but most 18+ girls don't find it attractive as their standards skyrocket during that time.

Smartphone, social media, feminism, constant exposure to top tier lifestyles are fueling the growth of hypergamy and things will only get worse, but for some reason males who could significantly improve their SMV are also giving up or settling for unattractive/barely average girls instead.
My comment to that is, fighting hypergamy with average girls is actually how it is suppose to work. Hot women are putting themselves out of reach of the average joe, but average women still exist in the world. Feminism was not made for the average woman. It was made for the fat, ugly, aged woman and indirectly for the hot women that control the balls of the horny brass of the elite world. The saving grace is that the majority of women are average. If men lowered their standards too, then there won't be rampant porn, rampant IG followers, rampant orbiting, and overall a reduction in women going after the attention whore lifestyle.
04-24-2019 09:15 AM
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