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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
(04-28-2019 12:37 PM)SW15 Wrote:  
(04-06-2019 02:07 PM)Delta Wrote:  This isn't at all surprising. I've noticed, anecdotally, that young women's minds have been absolutely poisoned when it comes to men, dating, and relationships. And while it's easy to point the finger at feminism, the syndrome I'm describing affects literally all single young women I've ever encountered, feminist or anti-feminist, cunt or good human being. I've never once come across a counterexample. Correct me if you've seen any exceptions, but in my experience, all single women below age 35 share these three traits:

1. Utter lack of desire or urgency to be with a man. I have a habit of, every now and then, social media stalking my exes, girls I'd dated briefly, and girls I'd gone out with once or twice and was interested in, to see what they're up to. Yeah yeah yeah it's not healthy or whatever, sue me. Anyway, what I find the vast majority of the time is that months or even years after my time with the girl is up, there's no sign of a man anywhere on her social media. It's funny because we tend to project our habits onto women and assume we get rejected because another guy came along that she liked better. But the reality is, usually you're not losing out to another guy, you're losing out to... no one. Her 'better deal' isn't a more attractive man, it's singledom. I know a girl in her 20's who literally has never been with a man in her entire life. She's cute and pleasant. But her attitude about men is more or less "meh, I'm happy as is." Can you imagine a desirable man choosing to forego pussy his entire life because it's just not important to him?

Do you ever hear a woman verbally express urgency about finding a man? On the other hand, how often do you hear late 20's women, past their peak and on the precipice of their looks fading, talk about how much they want to live abroad for a couple years or something equally antithetical to settling down with a man?

Aside from anecdotes: We all know Tinder has absurd M:F ratios, but did you know that the relationship oriented dating sites are not much better? It's not just that men try harder to get sex; men this day in age are also trying much harder to find love.

2. Extreme, unreasonable pickiness. I won't get into hypergamy because it's already so heavily discussed, but there's also another dimension to women's pickiness: demanding an exact image match. If you meet girls on swiping apps, ask them about their experience, and I guarantee they'll happily admit that they snap reject 99% of the guys on there. And how often do you hear girls express ridiculous, totally unnecessary requirements for any guy they'd consider? (e.g. Must be a dog person, must be a cat person, must be a feminist, must be a conservative, must be a Christian, must be an atheist, must be older than me, must not be more than a couple years older than me, must be at least 6' tall, must love trying ethnic foods... the list could go on forever.)

3. Extreme hostility toward, and over-criticalness of men who are interested in them. Pro-tip: If you're ever chatting with a girl and struggling to find a topic she's interested in, change the subject to "weirdos" who try to get with her. Without fail, her passions will suddenly be awoken as she giddily disparages the "nice" but "weird" guys in her social circle who are trying to get in her pants, along with the "creeps" who open her on the street, try to dance with her at the bar, and message her on dating apps. Often she'll criticize a half-decent opener some guy used on her as though it was criminally bad, even though you and her both know she wouldn't do any better if she was tasked with starting conversations with the opposite sex. I don't think I've ever met a girl who didn't believe that the men who wanted her were all losers who were way beneath her.

These three go hand-in-hand. 2 and 3 are the result of 1. The conclusion is inescapable, and I'm far from the first person on here to state it: The safety, security, and prosperity of modern western society has all but eliminated women's need for a man.

I can confirm that I have observed all three of these factors at play in my approaching. It is really terrible.

Women's desire to "be with a man" is entirely, 100% based on her fear of starvation or being hurt by violence (war, looting, etc). If you give any woman, no matter who she is, a guaranteed income and guaranteed safety, she will instantly lose her desire for men. It's biochemical.

So what do we have in the modern world? Women who have more or less guaranteed safety and food. THus, the collapse of desire.

Unfortunately, men have an opposite genetic disposition: the less desire they feel from women, they either become more violent and warlike, or the become very passive. Even a very small percentage of men becoming warlike will tip your society into war, without fail.

That's why I predict that we're headed for human societies with gender conflict have always, for hundreds of thousands of years, gone to war. Not because war is needed or caused by outside factors, but simply because society has an itch to scratch.
05-05-2019 06:08 PM
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