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Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
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RE: Share Of American Adults Having NO Sex Reaches All-Time High
Delta just confirmed or at least supported a view I have had for a while.

You aren't meant to be friends with women. Marriages or couple hood doesn't mean I have to be interested in everything the girl does. Biologically, if we are meant to breed with a girl to start a family to carry on both our genes, does that mean we have to also mesh mentally? I think not. I keep going back toward the Married with children sitcom with Al Bundy in my mind and I don't know why. I was a child when it came on now and again, along with other sitcoms. This was the one that keeps showing up in my mind when I hear people talk about marriages and the dynamics of men and women. This may be a hint to the dilemma.

We have women that won't talk to men like human beings. We have women that have everything provided to them by the state. This also means that they support government more than men and will be more willing to turn us all into government slaves. Naturally, those above love feminism since it moves us more toward becoming simple minded servants, but we already have a thread resulted to why that is the case. And men are continuously looking for that mate, but are being rejected. Not because they're ugly. And not cause they are the worst guy on earth. It's literally cause the western women are turning into something else. The harem of feminism and the state. They are taken. Not by another man. But by good ole hand rubbing Sam. Divorces are in their favor. The law is in their favor. Social circumstances are in their favor. The women have the whole world. Twitch streamers are making bucks off just revealing a little. Chaturbate, etc, the income of a woman is vast and drenched by other orbiters and lawmakers.

We men build societies and maintain it, but currently, the world says we are meant to just be horny drolls that aren't worth a woman's attention. Isn't it funny that when war happens, the barbarians go after the women and children first? How come it's the barbarians that are the first to act? Do we really need violence to solve our female issues everytime? Why don't we act before the barbarians do? It would be less hectic and you can save the civilization you are about to lose. If you want your western women back, you will have to metaphorically pimp slap them, aka go after everything enabling their behavior. Make them women again.
05-06-2019 09:30 AM
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