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Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
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RE: Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
Here is how I see it:

Corporations took the wives men would have had and made them workers. Then corporations mocked the very men whose lives they upended.

This is the Big Brother version of the Alpha jock in high school stealing your girlfriend. Except this time around, you can't fight against the Alpha jock or devise some end-run (like being in a cool band) to get the girl.

Because now your would-be girl has been taken to a place far worse than the local pizza joint. She's a "sales executive" jetting off to Paris while the Alpha Corporation dangles bonuses in front of her that no would-be husband her own age could ever match.

Incels are what happens when you get multiple generations of what I just described.

I got into this a bit more on another thread, if anyone is interested. I see all this as corporate-driven and I see "incels" not as enemies but as unwitting victims of a larger system all of us support each time we buy something that has logo on it.
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