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Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
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RE: Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
There have always been men who don't reproduce due to some kind of disadvantage, whether it be biological, social, mental, etc. It's simply a law of nature. The weak die without sex. However, we never really hear of these men because they simply sit in their basement and die quietly. The internet has given them a voice and a community.

On one hand, it's simply free speech.

On the other hand, it's an echo chamber where people become trapped and radicalized. Instead of seeking improvement (like learning game, which is not a quick nor painless process as we know), people stick to the toxic environment and become toxic themselves because it's easier to hate than to improve. Of course, there are people who are true incels and will never get laid no matter what (unless they pay up)

I think this is simply an inevitability of the internet and human communication.

The only thing that can be done is, in my opinion, keep your sons engaged in activities so they don't waste their time on incel communities during their formative years. Of course, this may be impossible due to things like both parents having to work due to the realities of economics, or having to deal with issues such as autism or other disorders that may make it impossible for your son to engage in certain activities. On top of that, we can't really control our kids fully so they will still be exposed, and we just have to educate them on how to approach hateful communities online, just like we have to adapt the birds and the bees talk to porn.

Hate is a very powerful way of bringing people together, and the internet only strengthens our hate.
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