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Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
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RE: Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
(07-19-2019 02:57 PM)yeppels Wrote:  
(07-17-2019 01:26 PM)Days of Broken Arrows Wrote:  Agreed. But we changed nature. This isn't being acknowledged.

We sure have, but we continue to live by the exact same natural law of adapt or die, though the "die" has now been upgraded to "suffer a bit more than others" due to changes in our cultural beliefs in human rights. Incels are simply failing to adapt and are blaming women for their failures.

Regardless of your opinions on birth control, I think it's silly to blame the failings of men, who spend the majority of their time in toxic internet communities, on women.

The world changes, and we must change with it, or we get left behind. There are plenty of women having sex... just not with these guys, because they are the undersirables of society. They have no ambitions, no social prospects no social savvy, no interest or hobbies, and may or may not be very unattractive or disabled (probably the minority).

A man who does not conquer his circumstances, regardless of what they are, becomes conquered by them.

Quote:Most of our societal dysfunction comes from mega-corporations who stole our wives and made them workers.

You could argue that our societal dysfunction started with the first agricultural revolution 10000 years ago where we abandoned our lives as nomads and settled down to farm all day. We worked harder for a worse quality of life.

Also you say they stole our wives, but you ever wonder if they left willingly of their own accord?

Rollo Tomassi gets into this with his classic post on "War Brides." Women evolved to side with the winners.

Regarding war brides: When a country was invaded and its men were defeated, the women married the winning warriors. This is a reason that the "language center" in women's brains is more developed and women take to learning foreign languages easier. They had to learn to speak to the invading warriors quick or risk the lives of themselves or their children.

The reason women willingly took to corporations are because they conquered the average man in terms of what they could provide for a woman. They made the average man the loser in the war of personal economics since they stepped in to be providers for women.

Women became war brides to the workplace. They took to the winners. The executive track offered more secure rewards, as opposed to the average guy their own age who couldn't dangle bonus money every Christmas, the executive track, and paid vacations.

On top of that, corporate jobs gave women autonomy. They earn their own salaries and buy their own property. They no longer have to share things with men, who can be unpredictable and sometimes fail.

And, finally, all of this changed the way women were parented. Girls in America are now raised as boys. As such, women are being prepped to marry corporations, not men. This goes for both conservative families and liberal ones.

Conservative dads, by the way, are often the worst offenders, with their idiotic "I'll Kill You If You Touch My Daughter!" shirts and pushing their girls into competitive sports and grueling academic work. This sets up women to be "achievers," not wives or even girlfriends. (See the Dalrock blog for more on this.)

This takes us back to the original subject of this thread, incels. All of the above means less marriage for women or marriage at a late age. That leaves men with a lot of sexless time from ages 20-40, when women are busy working.
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07-19-2019 03:39 PM
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