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Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
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RE: Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
(07-19-2019 04:42 PM)Cattle Rustler Wrote:  Who cares about these guys? Y’all keep trying to rationalize with them and be sympathetic. Fuck em, we celebrate champions, not losers.

Less women for them, more women we have as an option to “engage in marriage and have kids” with.

Most of those faggots look better than me and I still get laid more than them. Someone mentioned “high earning blue collar doesn’t get pussy”, we do. We get lots of pussy.

Champions adjust. Losers get on the internet and whine about chads, looksmaxing, feminism, the Jews, and religion.

LDN explains this mentality quite well here:

(07-07-2019 10:55 PM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  To the Jews, someone having a weakness to be exploited is described as "hapless" and punishing the exploiter is described as creating a "scapegoat" for the foolishness of the (non)victim, who as such is not really a victim of anything but their own shortcomings, whereas the Jew is merely engaging in a libertarian free market "survival of the fittest" approach. You will note that in current times where it comes to whites being ripped off in any financial sense by "bankers" then there's a heavy narrative pushed, even by their own (((bought and paid for))) elected officials, that the free market must be protected at all costs.

Meanwhile on the other hand we see Grimm explain the European side of the story where being "hapless" is in reality simply being a high trust individual living in a high trust society and running afoul of someone who operates on a strictly cut-throat approach. The moral of the stories is that one should avoid assuming "foreigners" can be given the same level of trust as a fellow European.

The irony is that if you laid this bare and got honest answers from both parties you would see this:

"The Jew took advantage of the European's desperate-situation/simple-ignorance. Were they correct to do so?"

European: "No. It's wrong to take advantage of desperate/stupid people."
Jew: "Yes. The desperate are so because of their choices to date and stupid people have to learn somehow.
Brainwashed (Jewified) European: "Yes. They didn't have to take advantage but there's no law against it and the free market must be protected at all costs. Also, why do I feel sick in my stomach?"
07-19-2019 05:24 PM
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