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Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
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RE: Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
(07-19-2019 02:46 PM)Abelard Lindsey Wrote:  I don't think this incel problem is anything new. There have always been guys who do not score with women. One example is the stereotypical nerdy type who has the effect of kryptonite on women. Incel violence isn't new either. Remember the serial killers of the 70's and 80's.

Seems like every serial killer except Ted Bundy has heavy incel tendencies.

I listen to a few crime podcasts and a common trait that many share is their lack of success with girls in high school, even when their murders happened decade(s) later. The hosts always highlight the killers social ineptitude and hatred of women. Armchair, woke psychology, albeit with grains of truth.

Another common trait is......homosexuality! But of course the hosts make special pronouncements that although the targets of these faggots were pre-teen boys, gay men are in no way predisposed to being attracted to prepubescents. No, it's all circumstantial. And their violence is attributed to society's refusal to accept their sexual perversions.

Incel murderers are losers. Gay murderers are lashing out against an unjust, judgmental society.
07-19-2019 11:03 PM
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