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Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
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RE: Inside The Secret World of Incels - New BBC Documentary
(07-20-2019 04:54 PM)Manbeline Wrote:  
(07-20-2019 07:19 AM)Rorogue Wrote:  
(07-20-2019 07:15 AM)Horus Wrote:  At first, I cringed when the Irish guy was talking online to his new "girlfriend" who he had never met in person, when he told her how much he was looking forward to holding her hand and hugging her. And when he revealed that she was also a "kissless virgin," I could only imagine what a hideous creature she must be.

But then, I couldn't help feeling envious towards him. If this relationship works out for him, and I really hope it does, he will have something that most of us will never have, and which most men haven't had since our grandparent's days. And he will be able to cherish her in ways that most of us are incapable of doing.

Feel sorry for that dude because of the acne from steroids. If he didnt have that, he'd basically look like a slightly above average Male.

And I agree with you about men who have a lot of sexual partners not being able to pair bond. Basically it comes down to the attachment to the material world in the west. Chasing external stimuli leaves you empty spiritually and basically unable to be in a healthy relationship.

We call western women thots but the men are just as pathetic and needy for external stimuli.
For me, I'm shopping around for the right woman, the kind of woman I wanted even when I was little. So far, I've been unimpressed as I see how chaotic these modern women are. They're either too fat, too masculine, too snobby, or just not being women enough. The older generation of grandparents were a whole lot more like how I wanted my marriage to be, but then a big shift happened once I got old enough. The culture suddenly became something else, and I've been searching in a desert of thots ever since. Now when I have sex, it's only so I can temporarily feel the moment of ecstasy where I release my seed into a rubber, only to wait for the next time to do it again. When I rather be with the woman I'll spend the rest of my life with.

So it's not just troubling for sexless males, but for people like myself, too, who long for something else.

Trying to justify a playboy lifestyle because you can't find the perfect wife doesn't seem all that more logical than 30-something women asking "where have all the good men gone?", after chasing Chad thru their peak reproductive years. I don't disagree the culture has gone downhill, but to pretend you had to throw up your hands and hang out in bars collecting one night stands the rest of your life, feels like you are just trying to justify the dichotomy of partaking in the degeneracy you at the same time loathe. There are still plenty of religious and traditional communities to get involved in if you are really that desperate. Are you going to meet some feminine, pure, virginal, farmers daughter to make your wife? Unless you are still very young, certainly not. But let's face it, you myself, and most of this forum haven't exactly led the kinds of lives that some young, perky, trad girl is going to be find particularly complimentary. You could still meet a decent woman to start a family with, just stop viewing yourself as some sort of victim, and look past some of the minor flaws and indiscretions, just as she will likely have to do with you.
07-20-2019 08:36 PM
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