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Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
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RE: Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
(08-14-2019 09:49 PM)Captainstabbin Wrote:  
(08-14-2019 06:37 AM)RawGod Wrote:  "Moral glue" is fancy theorizing. How about another hypothesis: fatherlessness plus low IQ plus high testosterone equals crime. Investigate fully before invoking metaphysics.

(08-14-2019 08:00 AM)TigerMandingo Wrote:  Because it’s got nothing to do with welfare lol. Newly arrived Polish and Bosnian immigrants are on welfare. You see them robbing liquor stores? It’s a copout and beating around the bush. Plain and simple.

Welfare is what makes fatherlessness an option. The 2 are linked. Moral Glue is what keeps certain groups from choosing that option more than others when it's available.

(08-14-2019 08:51 AM)TigerMandingo Wrote:  Inherently barbaric, no. Unable to control their impulses as well as white Western folks? Definitely. Different cultural values as well, like less of an emphasis on education, being civil in public, and maintaining lower noise levels and cleanliness. I’m not gonna touch IQ because I think it’s overstated and irrelevant.

All of the lower IQ, loudness and crime flow from the inner city culture. I have no idea if adopting that culture is inherent to a race.

Yeah - not touching IQ, because a 70-IQ society is just as strong and prosperous as a 106-IQ one. Utter overvaluation despite clear correlation to a multitude of metrics.

There are 2 reasons for black crime and it's both mired in racial genetics - low IQ and high testosterone. Obviously you have also the culture and the way black society was in the past was based on them living by White Christian man's rules. Crime was still higher, but the marriage rate was 90% and black folk worked in various jobs that are not being filled by Mexicans.

It was the strict adherence and strong Western culture which kept the crime mostly at bay in black society. Also young black men who crossed the line were punished severely - I wonder how many black guys who could not control their temper were incarcerated before having been able to sire 5 kids with 3 different women by 21?

There is correlation to culture of course, but even the Jewish Ethopians while adhering fully to orthodox Jewry - they do far more crime in Israel than the locals - hundreds of percent more!

So the only conclusion after looking at the diaspora and a ton of data from the West to Brazil to Israel - is racial differences and IQ are fundamentally different.

In a way the 1950s model was oppressive from Whites towards blacks and while unfair to some degree, it also suppressed the negative tendencies. Even in a full free fair society the stats would be terrible.
08-15-2019 04:56 AM
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