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Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
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RE: Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
(08-14-2019 06:37 AM)RawGod Wrote:  "Moral glue" is fancy theorizing. How about another hypothesis: fatherlessness plus low IQ plus high testosterone equals crime. Investigate fully before invoking metaphysics.

Glad to see a post like this. People are starting to question the standard conservative party line.

I want to tie the idea of low I.Q. and fatherlessness together. What has happened in lower-class community (of all races) is that women are not expected to marry, so they no longer look for men who are "marriage material."

That means they pass up the men who are responsible and intelligent, and instead breed with players. The end result is the two problems I singled out here: You get low I.Q. kids with no dads.

Both liberals and conservatives will argue this point, claiming genetics don't matter so much. Really? Then why is it that when their men are infertile, the couples go to sperm banks and seek donors with high I.Q.s from Ivy League universities? Why not just mate with the town drug dealer (like lower-class women do)? It would be cheaper than paying for Ivy League sperm.
08-15-2019 08:47 AM
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