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Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
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RE: Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
Why doesn't anyone go into data and reason:

Quote:The majority of studies have found IQ differences between offenders and ... 23% of the inmates scored below 80, almost 69% scored between 80 and 109

Quote:More evidence comes from a study conducted in the Texas prison system which found that more than 20% of criminal offenders had an IQ below 80. IQ’s at such a level begin to seriously impede a person’s chances at life success and it is thought that a life of crime then becomes an alternative (dangerous and risky) path for such persons. Additionally, those who have IQ scores around 80 and below have significant problems in balancing short-term vs long-term desires. This is sometimes referred to as the ability to delay gratification and is related to time-preference (‘I want what I want and I want it now by any means necessary’ vs ‘I want X but will work slowly, methodically, and legally or morally to attain it’).

There are studies on short-term vs long-term gratification - blacks scored significantly lower on that.

Part of it is also aggression potential in general. We Whites would committ violent crimes more often if we for example replaced the Japanese or Korean populations. Crime would shoot up at least 20-40%. But it wouldn't shoot up 500-1000%.

There are statistical variables that easily explain why people commit crime - and obviously it's exacerbated in a high-IQ country because a more aggressive low-IQ part of the population simply cannot compete with the rest - they are going to take it. And it's all going to be explained away by aggression or even laziness of their tribe despite the fact that industrious smart blacks outperform without difficulty.

Culture and learned behavior, fatherlass households all play a role, but not to the extent to be replicated from the US, Britain, Caribbean, Brazil up to Israel and Jewish black orthodox Jews!!!!! You cannot continue to spout the mere culture excuse.

Low-IQ criminals are significantly over-represented in all countries in the world. Anyone who worked with criminals knows it.

And Africa even being 100% black is not free from that - while some of the comparative competitive pressure is gone and the places appear mired with less crime I simply doubt it having been acquainted with enough Africans. It's incredibly dangerous there even if it's not encompassed by statistics - rape is galore, if your body disappears, then it's not counted as murder etc.

Muslim countries would also experience a massive crime wave, but they are held at bay with brutal authoritarian control, Islam as well as the quite exacting tribal nature.

Molyneux mentioned a few studies that said that the most violent offenders were found in the 80-90 IQ range - both black and White with obvious over-representations. The crime data suggests also that below 80 IQ propensity falls again meaning that you become too dumb to do even crime - at least the violent uncontrollable kind of crime that comprises 50% of criminal statistics. Those simple would hardly happen in a high-IQ society.
08-15-2019 11:33 AM
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