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Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
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RE: Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
The current and historical experiences with it are following all the same pattern:

Shitlord enforcement of law and order amid somewhat racial separation = more or less manageable low crime rate of blacks

Egalitarian or free society = almost instant explosion of crime as blacks neither can nor want to integrate in a law-abiding system as they will complain about the racism of the gaps always. They will underperform on all positive metrics of achievement and outperform on negative crime stats - all without any racism.

Ethopian Jews living as Jews for centuries with a quite similar "culture" but identitcal results to all other blacks:

South Africa only enjoying a massive crime wave after the 1990s while the US was hit with it sooner.

Low IQ combined with more testosterone level manifests itself in despite the prevalence of culture and other metrics. Anyone who spouts that culture crap must be dishonest to the SJW-NPC degree or it's just too painful to admit since he is maybe surrounded by a smart black family for generations and cannot imagine this fact to be true.

However it is - and only long-term postive eugenics is a solution to it. A high-IQ black nation will be a low-crime black nation.

Oh - and poverty also causes crime, though poverty is always relative. It's coefficient wealth differences that causes it - if everyone is poor, then it's one thing. Also there is a minimum level of well-being that limits crime once most people reach that. Still - there was an interesting stat out there that said that middle class blacks cause more violent crime than lower class Whites, though it remains to be seen how many of those middle class blacks were promoted by the diversity industry. You would have to discount for IQ and my guess is when you do that, then the crime stats are just as different as Whites vs Asians - so bearable and fine.

A rich 100% White society like Sweden had one murder every 3 years in Stockholm their biggest city in the 1970s. Maybe a Japanese Stockholm would have one murder every 4 years, but when your reach those numbers, then I don't care. Maybe a high-IQ all black Stockholm would have one murder per year, but that is still nothing. We only need to create the first all-black city with an average IQ of over 100.
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08-16-2019 01:32 PM
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