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Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
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RE: Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
Although the Black world is far more dysfunctional and stupid (i.e. low-IQ) compared to the White or Asian worlds, blaming IQ is not actually the answer.

IQ is a cop-out used by Atheists to try and find a material answer to a spiritual problem.

All one needs to do is compare Orthodox Ethiopians, who honestly are better than most Whites. They may not have the high-IQ that allows to them to learn as "fast" (it's meaningless: one man learns in a day, and another man learns in two days. IQ is fairly meaningless in the real world), but in any other respect you'd love their company.

For example, compare the capital of Ethiopia to the capital of the USA in terms of crime:

Index   Info    Washington, DC    Addis Ababa
Crime Index:       56.64       43.89
Safety Scale:       43.36       56.11

Religious Ethiopia blows us away. Baltimore is also a joke:

Index   Info    Baltimore, MD    Addis Ababa
Crime Index:       71.97       43.89
Safety Scale:       28.03       56.11

I actually met an Ethiopian at a political event once, and he kept asking me why did our culture promote gay men so much? He asked what was wrong with us, if we were going crazy, etc. It was very difficult to explain to him how we were subverted through the Supreme Courts and Media, because he was a religious man and he could never imagine anything like that happening in his home country.

Ethiopia actually compares with Ohio, home of the highest White births in America:

Index   Info    Columbus, OH    Addis Ababa
Crime Index:       41.65       43.89
Safety Scale:       58.35       56.11

A measly two-point difference, which is exactly what you'd expect from the "dog breed" explanation of human races. For example, if I owned a pitbull and a golden retriever, I know the pitbull may be more aggressive and dumb than the golden but overall they are still dogs and respond to the exact same things all dogs do. As a result, the pitbull may have a few interesting behavior differences but overall will be insignificant over the course of the animal's life. The same goes for Whites/Blacks/Asians.

Thus, even if Ethiopians have lower-IQ than Whites, it doesn't matter. Low-IQ criminals get Low-IQ solutions in a Low-IQ society, such as beheadings, beatings, castrations, tongues being pulled out, or imprisonment, which is how White societies developed for thousands of years before we became high-IQ.

But as our high-IQ society declines in religiosity, we see high-IQ crimes with no easy solutions:

- Suicidal Mass shootings of defenseless people
- Banking usury that rots out the economy
- Endless war and imperialism so a few men can make money
- Drug trafficking on an industrial scale
- Sexual degeneracy of all kinds
- Pimping of women and children across airplanes and million dollar organizations fronting as massage therapy
- Selling out of your country to foreigners for votes and power

The problem is always rooted in our spirituality, no material explanation can ever understand the soul. There will always be counterexamples to refute any material explanation you can think of, whether it is IQ, race, money, technology, resources, etc, there will always exist an example of low-crime society whatever material deficiency it may have.

Blacks in America suffer first and foremost from a dead soul, and it is obvious to anyone who bothers to talk to these people in the streets. I prefer low-IQ crime to high-IQ crime, by the way, because you can see it coming and setup defenses for it. Nothing you can do when your country is raped inside-out.

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