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Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
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RE: Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
(08-16-2019 04:42 PM)Simeon_Strangelight Wrote:  Hilarious Samseau picking Baltimore - majority black and Columbus Ohio - that is 32% black!!!! Are you fucking kidding me??????????

And Addis Ababa is 99.5% Black. What's your point?

Quote:No one blows the stats out of the fucking water!!!! Ethopian stats are likely double and not reliable.

Orthodox Ethopia is one of the most successful countries in Africa. They keep good stats and run warm and friendly communities. The Muslim part is where the country falls apart.

Quote:And both the Baltimore and Columbus stats would be 60% lower with zero black population. An all-White Baltimore would probably have a 90% lower crime rate.

So what? The point is that living in Columbus, OH, isn't bad. It's not that unsafe and the low-IQ crime that occurs there is easily manageable. Same goes for Addis Ababa.

Quote:Your arguments are meaningless. Even if you found a more peaceful part and I agree that orthodox Christians or believing African Christiians will have a lower crime rate than if their adhere to their previous cults, but that is a slight reduction. Plus - yes - black crime is also higher when Whites or Asians are around and there is a postmodern laissez faire culture around it.

So no - it's not a bloody Atheist argument. Globohomo atheists deny IQ now since every culture is the same to them.

Globohomo deny Christ first, IQ after. They deny cultural differences, and biological ones. But most of all, they deny God.

Quote:And and I question your bullshit regarding low-IQ crime vs high-IQ crime. Go live in a violent area of low-IQ people and tell me how it goes for you.

Goes fine. As a man, the odds anything happens to you is pretty low. If you work out, even lower. And if people are allowed to carry arms, then odds are basically 0.

Low-IQ criminals mainly attack women and children. The problem with Low-IQ crime is you have to worry far more for women and children, which means they need constant protection. No different than how predators in the wild work, such as lions preying on the young or women of herds.

It's easy and predictable to manage. The problem is if you have a rebellious woman who thinks she can defend herself because everyone is equal.

Quote:Meanwhile I don't mind living in the Hamptons with 20% of them doing Satanist masses. My family is still going to be 100 times safer there. Obviously you could in theory deal with low-IQ crime better, but that is an academic idea frankly and utterly irrelevant.

Safer in what way? Working 80 hours a week just to pay rent or mortgage while your child is desouled in the Hamptons doesn't sound safer than having a home you can keep with minimal work, easily defended with guns or other weapons. A safe slave, or a free man with some thugs around? The slave is at the mercy of his government, fucked as soon as his masters no longer need him.

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