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Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
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RE: Moral Decline Caused Crime, Not Poverty
(08-18-2019 02:00 AM)Simeon_Strangelight Wrote:  The thing is some people already went over this. Sowell says that the "Southern blacks" were spreading the "Southern wild ways" when they went up north as the initially released slaves were different.

But why were they different? Was it because the freed slaves were more intelligent? Yes - there are estimates that the black slaves who got their freedom achieved this because of their higher intelligence. They integrated relatively well with Whites and in the mid 19th century there were some neighborhoods that were 50% black and White living in harmony.

After the civil war the rest of the blacks came in and destroyed all that within a short time.

Again - discounted for IQ the behavior is not that different. There was not "Southern wildness" that made them do crime.

Though obviously there are better and worse mindsets, cultures and religions, but the underlying factor that precipitates it is biological and can be remedied only via long-term eugenics.

To say Sowell is a total outlier among the group he comes from is reaching for it. In the north, blacks were allowed to have a fairly normal family and community life (as normal as segregation). In the south, the practices (split up the family, promote vice, deny them education and etc) the plantation owners used to keep slaves under control continued after the war.

With no family life, it was easy for them to fall into delinquency as there was nothing to pull them out of the selfish nature of infancy (the "southern wildness" that he refers to). The 1926 study I cited suggests neither a college degree or an increase in wealth would have stopped the fall.

Before Sowell went to high school, the farthest anyone in his family had ever gotten was seventh grade. The one thing that is clear is that blacks in his part of North Carolina had a better family life than blacks elsewhere in the south.
08-19-2019 12:18 AM
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