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Business How to get projects for a web development company?
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RE: How to get projects for a web development company?
Let me preface this by saying I'm not a dev by trade. I work in Digital Marketing, but there's a lot of code monkeying in my job.

The first thing I should tell you: for the love of god, do NOT buy any of the "mastermind" courses floating around on the web. Most of these are bullshit artists who can't replicate sustained success. With that said...

The key to landing big web dev projects is knowing the stakeholders (gatekeepers), knowing their pain points, and communicating how you can help solve those pain points in a language they are going to understand.

You also need to target a specific niche and get really freaking good at it. Pick a niche with lots of cash, but minimal web dev skills. One of my favorite niches is dentists. Dentists have a lot of cash, but their skillset isn't tailored to building a great website, or expanding in the digital sphere. Plastic surgeons are also a great example. One of my best clients does boob jobs for a living.

I make sure to schedule all of our meetings at his office for that reason. But I digress.

Realistically, your best paying leads aren't going to find you via SEO or Digital Advertising. You need to be able to target and find them.

Personally, I use a combination of SEO, Digital Advertising, In-Person Networking, and LinkedIN for prospecting.

My pitch is always very simple. Once I identify a good fit, I take a good look at what's being done and then make some notes on how I might improve it. Then, using LinkedIn I try to find the gatekeeper. For dentists and plastic surgeons, this is almost always the dentist or head surgeon who owns the practice. If I can't find it, I'll go over to the office with lunch and sunflowers for the cranky receptionist. Dropping by with lunch is one of my favorites for the feeling out.

After that, it becomes a matter of reaching out and asking the right questions. Once you know the pain points, you want to position yourself as someone who can solve those pain points. Afterwards, it becomes like any other sale. Pitch back and forth until you agree on the scope of work.

I'm feeling pretty lazy right now, so this is just a skeleton, but if you have any questions OP don't hesitate to PM me.

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