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RE: Greenland
(08-30-2019 10:18 AM)beta_plus Wrote:  
(08-30-2019 10:03 AM)Simeon_Strangelight Wrote:  Yeah - the marxist need their siberia to create the gulags in the future for all the wrong-thinkers.

Or, America could put its SuperMax and trial facilities for high risk prisoners like Jeffrey Epstein there. You wouldn't even need to build walls. You would just need to make sure to rotate staff, lawyers, and judges back to mainland as much as possible.

As well, anyone seeking "asylum" in America could be sent there to be processed. Processed very, very, very slowly.

The US is already deep in marxist land. The reverse is unlikely. Trump is like the last Czar while the Bolsheviks are already in charge of pretty much everything.

My guess is that they need Greenland because the debt load is not getting easier and they found resources that they will extract with some new methods. If things get desperate in some future economic pressure for the US, then I expect the USA to simply invade and take Greenland. There isn't much Greenland or the EU can do about it anyway. No one will go to war over this - not even the Danes will want to lift a finger.

As for comparisons with the Krim - it's not the same since Greenland always belonged to the descendants of the Vikings - war occupation for strategic reasons don't matter. Ukraine was and is dysfunction while Russia is less dysfunctional and the Krim was once Russian. Whether the local Danes vote for it should not play a role frankly. By that account - if someone one some Hawaiian island votes to become Japanese, you just let them?

Either way - I wonder what this thing is truly about.... Did they find some giant mineral reserves in Greenland or what?
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08-30-2019 10:24 AM
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