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RE: Greenland
Russia is moving a ship with a nuclear reactor to the north
Russia just finished blowing up a flying nuclear reactor up north
Russia also had a fire on it's "undersea transatlantic internet cable cutting subermine"
Russia also wants it's Northern fleet at Murmusk to slip into North Atlantic not between Iceland and Europe
Talk about Putin as Dr No or crazy Ivan
This guy is a huge world threat.... anywhere he shows interest
China not only has a business interest currently in Greenland but it is sending ships into the Arctic ... to probably look for oil and China has no problem making up a Dash 8 line for itself and may go to war for oil in SEA

Who owns the Arctic? A cluster of northern countries keep meeting and all have claims but none can agree

What happens if China just makes a claim at the north pole?

Why is Antarctica treated different than the Arctic.... because of politics...and power

Canada has had a long term beef with Denmark because we both claim a bunch of rock islands as ours ...even our prime minister went up and stood on the rocks and shook his hockey stick at them

Denmark isn't pulling its weight in Nato.... now it can help the sucks owning a money draining piece of real estate but better if you can sell the real estate and also get a pat on the back for doing some good for the group (alliance)

As a Canada guy I say Greenlanders should just join the States with no money for it and then the States can give Canada back it's rock islands

............LIFE isn't a DRESS REHEARSAL.........
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