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RE: Greenland
I think Norway and Finland and maybe even Iceland may be part of the Arctic country group that agree to disagree on ownership of the Arctic

I may of listed some bad things Russia was doing in the Arctic (mostly nuclear ecological disater items) but I also read that the russians scrap old nuclear powered subs up north
The way they do it is by cutting the bottom of the sub out and letting the reactor sink to the bottom of the arctic ocean,,,,,then breakdown the iron into scrap

I am pretty sure the Danes and Canada or anyone other country can police the area like the States can. If trump proposed getting bigger in the Arctic it also means taking on more responsibilities in the North
So far Canada Norway and global warming hypocrite countries allow Russia to use the Arctic like a radioactive garbage dump....and turn a blind eye while raising our taxes to save polar bears and peguins

At some point the States will have had enough of being polite

............LIFE isn't a DRESS REHEARSAL.........
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