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How do indian women fare in the marriage market compared to other ethnicities?
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RE: How do indian women fare in the marriage market compared to other ethnicities?
(09-04-2019 09:58 AM)tugofpeace Wrote:  As a red pilled conservative indian dude looking to settle down with one, do I have to worry about getting divorce raped, empty housed, or getting my penis chopped off while I sleep, as much as with other women? Not talking about fob women, but ones raised here in the US.

I would be targeting ones that are well educated and not too high on the looks scale as that's where the crazies tend to be (I'd say maybe a 7 would be my ideal). I look for submissiveness, the happy gene, and avoidance of social media.

I know they can be just as slutty as anyone else (I've had experiences with those but they were high on the looks scale, and unfortunately highly educated too.. which makes it tricky).

For some background my physique is top tier (I'm shredded and have size), my face is a 7-8 universally, I make six figures, have impeccable style, and have game.

I just can't help but feel that due to friends/family pressures these women are not as fucked up as others and will stay in line during a marriage (excluding the really hot ones).

I think a lot depends on the age of the woman (assume you're talking about East Indian women as opposed to Native Americans). Older Indian women are more likely to follow their cultural traditions: marriage is to the death. In fact in India now many places the woman will be outcast after her husband has died or worse if she is screwing around.
Also tradition in India at least treats marriage is required and is treated more like selection for position as a job-you have to meet the financial, educational, etc prerequisites. By "older" I mean above 30 or so.
Young Indian women depends on where they have been raised. If in the USA, forget it, they are the same as all other western chicks, unless they come from strict, old fashioned family. Just my opinion-take it or leave it.
09-04-2019 11:35 PM
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